Handsome and Elegant - Pick up Some Beauty Tips from your Better Half
October 25, 2018

Handsome and Elegant - Pick up Some Beauty Tips from your Better Half

As men, we were taught many things in terms of what we are supposed to do or not. Some of them make sense while some others don’t. One of the things that a lot of guys pay little attention to is their looks.

A lot of guys use the excuse of “being men” to simply not do anything about their appearance.

You shouldn’t be one of those men. It is good to take care of your looks both for yourself and for your better half.

Since we are mentioning your better half, maybe the best place to start is to pick up things from her and quickly learn basic essentials that will give great results.

Facial skin care is not only for women

Facial skin care is something that very little guys practice. However, when you look at it, it turns out that we guys need to take care of our facial skin more than women, especially if you have a beard.

On top of that, we are often exposed to rather damaging environments where our skin suffers.

This is why it is important to take care of your facial skin with various products such as creams, lotions, soaps, or mud masks.

The Premier dead sea mud mask alone can give your facial skin the necessary hydration and protection that will make you look younger and help you prevent lager issues.

Your nails do say a lot about you

Your nails can gross out any woman. Just because you don’t pay attention to them, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t.

Taking care of your nails is nothing emasculating and it doesn’t take up a lot of your time, so why not do it? After showering, your nails will soften and this is the perfect moment to do it.

Simply cut and trim nails in a straight line to prevent any ingrown nails but don’t cut them too short.

After that, work on shaping your nails a bit and use something to smoothen them out and you are done. If not, go to a manicure or a pedicure.

Your style and posture can improve as well

A lot of guys, especially if they’re in a committed relationship or married, tend to stop taking care of themselves.

We don’t think about how we look when we walk, talk, sit, or what we wear. This is in no way good because bad habits tend to grow and they will reflect on your life.

Work on your style and try to be yourself with your look. Think about what you wear and buy and this will help you create the right impression with people.

On the other hand, make sure to work on your posture through exercise as nothing is more emasculating than a guy that is bent over all the time.  

Let her help you, she will love it

Another reason why you should consult with your prettier half is that not only will she be able to give you quick, valuable tips, but she will also like it as well.

There is no guy that has been in a relationship who hasn’t gotten the question “can I put some makeup on you?”

This tells you how much women want this. Of course, you don’t have to go full makeup but let her help you out with your clothes, give you grooming tips, or products you can use.

Additionally, with sites like premierdeadseareviews.com, you can instantly find all the products you need in one place and order them without anyone knowing. Hell, you can use her credit card.

Reap the benefits and enjoy

Taking care of yourself will not only reflect on the outside and how people act towards you but it will also help you feel better.

When you know that you look well, you will have more confidence and sexual energy that will reflect on your relationships and your love life.

No matter if we are talking about job interviews, spicing up your marriage sex life, or dating, looking and feeling good will give you positive benefits. Check out some product reviews on times of Israel to learn about products and how to use them.

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