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Groom in Style with this Shaving Cream Warmer

During stressful times, we all need a little luxury. Slapping room-temperature shaving cream onto your face is not going to cut it. However, it’s not just about comfort and style! Using warm shaving cream also opens pores and can give you a smoother, closer shave. 

An Old School Barber-Style Shave

Back in the day, a barber who was preparing to wield a straight razor on a client’s face would steam his pores with a hot towel before getting started. Why? Because it makes the hair follicles rise to the surface of the skin and creates a nice, close shave and it prevents razor burn.

Also, it’s just really relaxing.

You no longer need to use a straight razor (though more power to you, man, if you’re that badass). There’s no need to forgo the whole ritual. The modern solution is warmed-up shaving cream.

Before Shaving, Prep the Surface and Tools

That barber’s towel wasn’t just for soothing and warming, it was also for washing! Be sure you are starting with a clean face and a fresh, clean razor. This prevents razor burn by pre-emptively killing bacteria that might be on your skin’s surface. 

Exfoliate your skin from time to time to knock off dead skin cells. That keeps them from clogging your razor or your pores.

Then, consider using a pre-shave oil, too, to add another layer of smooth between your skin and the blade.

It’s Okay to be Sensitive 

If you have sensitive skin, a shaving cream warmer is exactly what the dermatologist ordered. The soothing warmth and those relaxed, open pores are going to prevent razor burn, ingrown hairs, and breakouts following your morning routine. 

Heat also softens the hair follicles themselves, as well as the skin around them. All of that softness helps prevent problems with sensitive skin. 

The warm shaving cream also soaks into your skin better and creates more moisture to protect your skin from irritation.

Guys with sensitive skin should limit the number of blades on their razors. A Classic safety razor can cut down on the number of blades running across your skin. (The multi-blade kinds are more useful for the dudes who tend to suffer more from nicks and cuts, as opposed to razor burn.)

Warmer Shaving Cream Means Savings

You read that right. Because the shaving cream smooths on more consistently and spreads farther, you’ll do more shaving with less lather. In the long run, that means saving product and money.

Not only that but by having a clean face and warm shaving cream, you will have less of the oil and dirt that can clog up your razor and require more frequent blade changes. 

Don’t Forget the Follow-Through

Just like a golf swing or a fastball, a great shave needs proper follow-through. In this case, we’re talking about rinsing your fresh, smooth skin with cold water and splashing on a little aftershave. It’s best to avoid alcohol-based kinds because they can dry out your skin. Look instead for soothing ingredients to cut down on irritation and redness. 

We all know that real men moisturize. The barrier between your skin and the elements will help prevent any irritation or breakouts. It will also calm the skin following the process of shaving. 

Last but not least, while it’s great for your shaving cream to be warm, your razor shouldn’t be. Take the time to rinse it thoroughly and store it in a clean, dry place to prevent any bacteria from growing on it. Some pros also recommend soaking the head in alcohol and frequently switching out the blades.

Regardless of how elaborate or simple your shaving ritual might be, you can still step it up a notch in terms of comfort and style with a shaving cream warmer.

Groom in Style with this Shaving Cream Warmer

fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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