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Essential Ingredients Natural Skincare Product To Add to your Regime

Skincare plays an important role in all of our day-to-day routines irrespective of gender. It is important to take care of us personally however busy we are in both our private and professional lives. Self-care is nothing but taking care of us both internally and externally. In self-care, skincare plays a vital role. Basic skincare should be built by every one of us. It is okay and not at all selfish if you are spending a specific period of time in skincare and self-care.

The basic skincare that every one of us should follow both during daytime and nighttime plays an important role in maintaining our skin and at the same time spending time for ourselves helps in making and becoming a better person of ourselves.


This is one of the important steps that every one of us should follow even if we are not a skincare kind of person. It is necessary to choose the right product based on our skin type. If you are of dry skin type, choose cream-based cleansers. If you are an oily skin kind of person, use a gel-based type of cleanser. Always look for natural ingredients in your skincare for better results.


This is also a part of the CTM process, but it depends on your choice completely. Choosing Lotus skin care products for specific skin will work efficiently. If you are having acne-prone skin, choosing green tea toner is one of the best choices to go with. Also, you can choose hibiscus, saffron, etc kind of ingredients based on your skin type or skin concern.

Face Serum:

The serum also is one of the important routine that should be incorporated into your skincare regimen. The serum helps in treating the concern your skin initially has. For eg., if you have dry skin look for hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera gel, etc. If you are suffering from pigmentations or acne scars, choose an ingredient like salicylic acid that will cure them. Also if you have uneven skin tone or open pores, look for niacinamide serum.


One of the important and mandatory products that should be incorporated into your skincare routine whatever skin type you have. Choose products based on your skin type for them to look better and at the same time will treat your concern in one way or another. Always look for natural skin care products since they will efficiently help in making your skin better.

Eye Cream:

Even though many of us are missing this part of our skincare routine, this should be included since the eye is one of the thinnest areas in your skin. So always include coffee-based or retinol-based creams. Always make sure to concentrate on your under-eye area even if you are done using specific eye creams.


A mandatory and must-use skincare product no matter what your gender is, or what age you are. This product helps in protecting your skin from the harsh rays emitted by the sunlight. Even if you are indoors, try to use a low SPF kind of screen since sunlight penetrates through windows too.

While buying any of the above products, make sure to include natural skin care products as much as possible. It is because they know our skin type better and work well at the same time too, Make a habit of looking at your ingredients list rather than buying from the outer cover. Try to switch to natural products since they do not have harsh kind of chemicals indulged into the product.