Being Well Groomed Is Important (and this is why)
February 09, 2022

Being Well Groomed Is Important (and this is why)

In today’s world, being well-groomed matters. That’s a fact. 

With so much talk about patriarchy and toxic masculinity, learning to look after yourself and present your very best to the world is an important part of turning the tide on the negative view of masculine men in the media.

A good grooming habit will change not only the way you present yourself to the world, but it will also change the way the world sees you. Well-groomed men are more successful and are generally given more opportunities than their scruffier counterparts.

Being Well Groomed Is Important (and this is why)

Looking Good, Feeling Good

It’s not enough anymore to leave the house without consideration for how you look. In a world where appearance and gender are being blended every day, coming up with your own style for fashion, for the way you wear your hair and beard, and the manners that you share with the world is a vital part of growing into the man you are as opposed to the boy you were.

Using good quality grooming products and taking advice from professionals, such as the London Grooming Company, is a great first step on the road to success with your new look and a new attitude. Men who are well-groomed walk taller and present a more put-together attitude to the world, and that gets results.

A Word About Hairstyles

Being put together properly and having consideration for male grooming doesn’t necessarily mean shaving, waxing, and cutting off every blade of hair that is out of place, but a good hairstyle and haircare routine will go far to making your look.

Traditionally, most men have opted for some form of short back and sides hairstyle; it’s easy to maintain, it can be brushed and kept in place fairly easy with wax and other products, and maintenance is fairly low, but this isn’t the only style that looks good.

While the 90s footballer ponytail look has fallen out of fashion again, longer hair on men is becoming more acceptable by the day. Models sporting masculine manes are seen in every type of publication, and the male top knot (affectionately known as the ‘man bun’) has become very fashionable in today’s image-conscious world.

Hairstyles for men have and will change with the ages, but the most important thing to consider is your haircare routine. Hair should be washed regularly to keep it clean and free of dirt and grease. If you are opting for longer hair, definitely go for a good conditioner and some product to boost the volume of your hair. This will keep it looking at its best for longer.

Clothing Choices Make The Man

2020 has seen a big shift in the way male clothing has been presented to the world. With Harry Styles featuring on Vogue in a dress, you’d be forgiven for thinking that gendered clothing is becoming a thing of the past.

While that may be true in some circles, in others, a sharp suit and tie is the order of the day. The best advice here is to dress like the man you want to be.