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Awesome Hair Bundles

Hair Bundles is a term used by professional hair stylists to describe a collection of hair that is gathered together, this collection of hair is referred to as a bundle.

To ensure that you know the right hair type and the proper way in which to use a hair bundle our professional stylists have clarified the terms in the following way to help you make the right selection from the varieties we have available for you.

Knowing more about hair bundles before deciding what to purchase will make the selection smoother and is of great benefit to you as our client.

Let’s look at the essentials of hair bundles as set out for you by professionals.

What is a Hair Bundle?

An amount of hair is collected and sewn together forming a strip of hair. This collection of hair could also be referred to as a weft of hair. Hair bundles usually weigh around 4oz per weft or bundle. When you combine a couple of bundles together it creates fullness to your natural hair or hair wig.

Hair bundles when combined create a personally customizable collection of hair. Deciding how to use your hair bundles include a variety of options such as combining different lengths, density, color, and hair types. You can also include wavy hair bundles, and straight or tight curls of hair bundles when customizing your hair.

When buying hair bundles it is always a great idea to buy a number of hair bundles to combine even if you store what you don’t use for the future.

How are Hair Bundles Made?

Hair bundles are made from different varieties of hair, for example, virgin human hair that has never been colored or processed, this person then cuts their hair and it is used to make hair bundles.

Remy hair is hair that has been collected in a manner where the cuticles of the hair remain undamaged and intact. This type of hair is extremely healthy and will last a long time if cared for correctly.

Peruvian, Indian, or Malaysian Hair is hair that comes from that specific country or a person of a specific culture. This hair comes in various densities and is either smooth, medium, or hard in texture.

How to Use Hair Bundles

Our professional hair stylists have advised that there are different ways to attach hair bundles to your natural hair or your wig hair. Attaching hair bundles can be done by a professional hair stylist or by yourself.

Sewing in the Hair Bundles

This is the most often used way of attaching hair bundles to your hair or wig. You can decide whether you would like to do it yourself, have a friend assist you, or have it sewn in professionally.

Here are some tips for doing it yourself:

  • Braid your hair or secure it on your scalp in a manner that the hair is flattened onto your scalp area
  • Begin sewing the bundles into your braids, or natural flattened hair at the nape of your neck
  • Continue sewing the hair towards your hairline and ensure they are secure
  • Sew the bundles into your hair all the way to the top of your head and secure them with a headband or another type of closure that you prefer

Bonding your Hair Bundles

Bonding or gluing is another method to use to ensure your hair bundles are securely attached.

If you decide to bond or glue your hair bundles it is the best method and it needs to be done by a professional. Having the hair bundles professionally attached will ensure your natural hair or the hair on your wig is not damaged.

Mistakes to Avoid with Hair Bundles

Selecting the correct hair type – hair bundles come in a variety of different types of hair. The selection of hair bundles that are available can be used to create different looks. Smooth straight hair could be used for an elegant office look or an exclusive party or night out for dinner, while wavy or tight curls can create a more fun look.

Our selection of luscious and stunning hair bundles can be used to create a glamorous look or an executive professional look.

Attaching the Hair Bundles – hair bundles can be attached in different ways as previously mentioned. It is important to select the correct way to attach your hair bundles and make them look natural, this can be through sewing, weaving, or bonding, simply remember to always take good care of your own hair or wig hair and the attachment process. This will avoid damage and look beautiful.

Deciding on the Number of Hair Bundles to Buy – First-time hair bundle buyers this is something you have to select carefully. It is important to buy enough hair bundles so that you do not run out while doing the attachments. Rather buy extra bundles to ensure you have enough. Look at buying at least 4 or 5 bundles of hair to create a fuller more natural look.

Advantages of Using Hair Bundles

  • Hair bundles give you styling options and add some excitement to a normally dreary look.
  • Hair bundles allow you to have fun with your hairstyle and change your hair according to your mood, are you in a fun party mood or a serious office mood? Choose hair bundles to create the style you want!
  • Hair bundles are available in different colors, textures, styles, and lengths, there are so many options, you can simply select what you love!
  • DIY or do it yourself is a fantastic way to change your look without the expense of going to a hairstylist. It is the perfect choice for those who love to be the ultimate fashionistas!

Last but not Least…

Hair bundles can be washed, styled, and stored so they can be used over and over again. What an awesome saving, you can buy hair bundles and if cared for correctly you will be able to accessorize your hairstyle for different occasions.

These fabulous hair bundles are great to achieve a new look every season. If the season’s fashion is wavy, add wavy bundles like Beyoncé and if the season calls for smooth and straight go all out Kardashian Mode!

The fun is there for you to grab and enjoy, make this season your ‘FAB’ hair season simply add some gorgeous hair bundles to your hair!