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8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

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8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

Any person who is going to dabble in the world of clip-in hair extensions will know about these endless questions and wondering.

  • Will these clip-in hair extensions have harmful effects on my hair?
  • Will I feel ok wearing that much weight on my head?
  • What is the chance of getting a terrible headache?
  • Can I avoid getting headaches if that risk is real?
  • Can I hide my track well enough so that nobody noticed I wear fake hair?

I know I have. If you belong to the group of women who just want some volume or want to have long hair but don’t know where to start, you are at the right spot to find out all the tips and tricks regarding clip-in hair extensions. For today’s post, we also talk to Emily Pham, Luxshine’s brand ambassador on how one can best utilize this useful form of hair wefts in one’s daily life. Not only will we learn how Emily’s group of clients get the best results out of their wefts, we will hear some juicy deals that Luxshine is giving away. Stay tuned.

Tip #1: Blending, blending, blending

8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

“The most important thing to make your clip-in hair extensions look seamless is that you have to blend. Absolutely vital!” Emily told us. But not everybody knows how to blend their extension with their natural hair. This is why for us this tip makes the first tip on our list.

The most obvious method when blending extensions is to use a flat iron. You can straighten a small section of your clip-in weft with natural hair and this is the fastest way to ensure the hair blend.

Another way to blend where the real hair end and the extensions begin is to use loose curls or beach wave curls. It would certainly make your clip-in look refined and much more natural.

Tip #2: Secure your weft’s clip should be your top priority

8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

Since the clip-in hair extensions are only a temporary hair extension solution, it is not unheard of that your clip-in may fall out. This is what hair extensions specialists would call weft slippage. Another embarrassing contingency is that your hair clip might fall out of the hair weft. Just imagine the embarrassment that you may have to endure. We don’t even dare to think. This is why Emily thinks that any newbie to this form of hair enhancement should know how to safeguard themself. 

“First and foremost, you need to make sure that you do enough teasing and backcombing so that the clip has some real estate to hold onto. This gentle teasing movement is not the same as you would do when you want really big hair. All you need is to ruffle up the hair near your scalp a bit. This will help you with installing and prevent slippage.” Emily certainly thinks any person who clips their wefts without backcombing is doing something quite dangerous.

Another way that people can make this work is to just use their hair on the second day. If your hair already has a bit of grit in them, there is little else you need to do in my opinion.

Tip #3: Position your hair weft at an angle 

8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

Though this idea might seem strange at first, you can be certain that it works. While applying the hair wefts around the side of your head ( the edge part), you should position the hair weft’s track at an angle, not a perpendicular line across your head.

“This idea was a bit strange to the newcomer and they certainly deviated a bit from the usual recommendation of the hair company and manufacturer,” Emily told us. But having the weft angle down toward the back would allow for a softer less harsh look. Try it for yourself since this way totally works for me.

Tip #4: Twist up the short hair at the nape.

8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

Most people have a bit of short hair around the nape of the neck. If you decided to wear clip-in hair extensions, you certainly don’t want to ruin your look just because of the length difference from these hair locks. This is why a girl with short hair at the nape of the neck should try the twist. This technique is wonderful and a true lifesaver. Emily explains to us how to do it in detail. Since doing this technique per Emily’s recommendation, I no longer have to worry about those pesky shorter hair strands around my neck.

  • Section off the hair at the nape of your neck.
  • Twirl it around your finger and then pin it down in a horizontal line. Use bobby pins liberally to achieve this.
  • Clip your extension on top of the twist.
  • You should now have the best look and nothing can give away the fact that you are having a dozen hair wefts installed!

Tip #5  Stack them up

8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

Another creative hack that Emily has up her sleeves is to stack up the extensions on top of each other without much space in between.

The benefit of this method is that you can get in a lot of hair but you won’t let them be seen by the world. Not only do they help you get everything blended, but you also make it look like none of the hair is fake.” Putting the hair extensions close together like this, leaving little space or hair in between is a smart strategy, especially for women with little layers or short hair,” Emily stresses.

Tip #6 Don’t overlook the color of your hair extension

8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

If there is a big elephant in the room we need to address, it’s the color. Color plays a gigantic role in making your hair extensions look seamless. To be able to achieve this you should work with a hair company that provides a color matching service. Emily discloses to us the low-down of color-matching practice at Luxshine.

“We mostly receive a photograph from a customer to match with the hair color that they are aiming for. We would know what color would work best or is the best match and sometimes this knowledge has to come from experience. Most people’s hair has a variety of colors and so to work out the best solution is part of our work and we enjoy it very much.” Emily told me how the team at Luxshine will carry out their color-matching work in detail and to us that is rather fascinating.

Tip #7: Double-check and experiment when there is a headache

8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

If you love having big lustrous hair but somehow that ponytail or the braid you wear are not the ideal choices since it causes you a terrible headache. What do you do? 

Emily told us there are two possible solutions if you feel like a big head full of hair is your only choice. 

“ You can either use fewer wefts so that the hair doesn’t weigh as much or you can use a weft that is lighter than the hair you are using,” Emily generously discloses the answer to this problem. Another option you should consider is to clip the hair wefts half an inch below your part. This will ensure that your clip-in can move freely without pulling down your scalp.

Tip #8: Stay within the boundary of safe-zone

8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions Users Should Know To Stay Fabulous

Believe it or not, there is a safe-zone when it comes to clip-in hair extension. This zone will make sure that you have enough hair to hide your weft well so they are totally out of sight. To avoid letting your hair show, one strategy is to keep your hair weft installed well within these “safe zones”. You can avoid a clip weft above your eyebrow line.

This method may induce people to scratch their heads at first but come to think of it, it makes perfect sense. If you refrain from putting the hair clip up too high, there will always be enough hair to hide the wefts.

After I heard about this from Emily, I have been very observant of how hair tutorial gurus installed their own clip. That rule clearly has worked for me and I will only trust girls that are on the same page.

So did you find my write-up on clip-in hair extensions useful? I certainly hope so. Even though clip-in hair extensions are not a new form of hair enhancement, to use them for your best advantage might be something you learn continuously throughout the year. I hope that you learn about the best way to use this hair extension type as much as I did while I was writing this. 

With all that said, high-quality clip-in hair extensions bought from a reputable brand like Luxshine, under the right condition, can last for more than one year. That means plenty of chances for you to test out our recommendation. Check out Luxshine’s newest collection of Clip-in hair extensions and give it a whirl. You might pinch yourself why you haven’t tried out these tips way sooner.

8 Tips Every Clip In Hair Extensions

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