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7 Ways To Reduce Fine Lines And Wrinkles

These days everyone wants beauty advice to keep you looking glamorous even into your later years. Who doesn’t want to look 40 when they’re 50! It’s no surprise, however, anti-aging products can only do so much. 

There is much that you can do in your lifestyle that will reduce the chance of fine lines and wrinkles taking over your skin. 

Aging Happens, But Can We Slow It Down?

Aging is going to happen whether you like it or not, but there are some things that you can do that will prevent your skin from showing signs that you are aging, which is what we all want ideally isn’t it? 

Here are 7 ways that you can reduce the aging of your skin! 

#1. The Sun Is Not Helping You

We aren’t saying to stay indoors, because that would be counterproductive to overall health, but if you want to get a tan, don’t rely on the sun to do it for you, get some bronzer, or a spray tan, because the sun will actually age your skin faster. 

Always apply sunscreen in your morning routine, even if you’re just making a quick trip to the shops! 

#2. Good Moisturizer

Stay away from highly fragranced products and anything that is not gentle to your skin. Irritation will make your skin dry and only damage it more. 

You want a moisturizer that will replenish your skin and soften it, so ceramides and alpha-hydroxy acids are a good place to start on the ingredients list! 

#3. Watch Your Carb & Sugar Intake

A sweet tooth won’t be doing you any favors either. Sugar and refined carbs jump your blood sugar up which releases insulin which will inflame the skin all over your body. 

Sugar will bind to elastic fibers and collagen fibers will make the skin look youthful and plump, if they get damaged, your skin is less supported and more wrinkles will pop up. 

#4. Fresh Air 

This doesn’t mean just any air that seems fresh. Because most of us live in cities, we should not be breathing in this air, it is jam-packed with pollutants, which can also do damage to your skin. 

If you need a good place to go for a walk or do some exercising, consider finding a park or forest for a walk, somewhere full of fresh and clean air, that will benefit your skin! 

#5. Get Enough Sleep!

We all know that not getting enough sleep will have an effect on how we look, but not getting enough sleep over the years can actually do damage to your skin. 

This is down to insulin, once more, which can be caused by bad sleep. Try to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep per night, and get yourself into a steady routine with a good circadian rhythm that benefits you and will help you wind down at night. 

Even if you work nights, you can still get good sleep, just ensure you are in the right environment for it! 

#6. Put The Tobacco Down

We typically relate smoking to the damage to our lungs and heart, however, it also impacts the skin too. It makes the little blood vessels that are in the skin constrict which makes our skin age as it damages our collagen and elastic fibers. 

It wrinkles our skin. 

Not only this but the act of pursing lips will also create fine lines around the mouth as well, so if you were looking for another reason to cut the bad habit, you just got it! 

#7. Good Fats, Not Bad Fats

Finally, we often relate all fats as being bad, but this is not true. 

You want to be eating a diet with healthy fats, these can be found in nuts, olive oil, avocado and more, and these fats will actually nourish your skin, although not in excess. 

One of the diets that is packed full of these good fibers is a Mediterranean diet, it is good for your skin, heart, lungs and brain. 

There is a reason that people in the Mediterranean always look so healthy! It's the diet! It does good things for their body, so if you like the cuisine, now you have a reason to be indulging more. 

A healthy diet will do your entire body justice anyway, not just your skin, what we put into our body ends up reflecting inside of us and our physical body. So, watch what you eat and watch it impact you!