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7 Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Your Hair This Summer

Protecting and taking care of your skin is a must during summer. With the sun at its hottest throughout the season, you have to ensure your skin is shielded from harmful UV rays, which can dry out your skin and cause sunburn and other dermatological problems.

But aside from your skin, during summer, you also need to protect and take care of your hair.

Overexposure to the sun’s rays and sea and pool water can dry out your hair. Add humidity and you will also have to contend with limp, flat, and lifeless locks.

Additionally, sweat and dust can aggravate various hair problems, including dandruff and split ends.

Lastly, the hot sun can be harsh on your scalp, causing dryness and sunburn, which can damage your hair roots.

Protecting Your Hair During the Warm Season

If you want to maintain beautiful, healthy hair this summer, follow these tips for protecting and taking care of it:

  • Use the right hair care products.

Certain hair care products are more effective in helping you maintain and protect your tresses during summer.

Hair care products by Kerastase in Riyadh, for instance, protect your hair from sun heat. Kerastase also helps restructure the hair fiber, thereby strengthening the roots of your hair and making them less prone to damage and breakage.

This nutrient also nourishes and volumizes hair, keeping it healthy and looking great at the same time.

Using hair care products by Kerastase that contain hydrating ingredients during the summer and all year round if you have dry hair can help you have better-looking and healthy locks.

If you color your hair, make sure you use products made especially for color-treated tresses to prolong their luster and condition.

  • Get a trim.

Summer is a great time to get a haircut. It is a fantastic way to get a new look and be ready for the hot season.

However, if you don’t want to get a new haircut, opt for a trim.

When you start summer with a new haircut or trim, you reduce the chances of the hot weather drying the ends of your hair and causing them to become brittle.

Getting a haircut or trim also allows you to get rid of split ends at the same time.

  • Shield your hair from the sun.

The sun is one of your hair’s biggest enemies during summer. As such, take steps to ensure it gets full protection.

During the warm season, apply spray, gel, leave-in conditioner, or any hair care product with UV filters to your hair before going out. Doing so protects your locks from sun damage.

It also helps prevent the color of your hair from fading fast if you use a coloring product.

Additionally, when you go outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat to prevent your locks from getting scorched and protect your scalp and ears from UV rays at the same time.

Another option is to wear a scarf if you are not fond of donning hats.

  • Apply conditioner before taking a dip, and apply shampoo after taking a dip.

Applying leave-in or regular conditioner before getting your hair wet with beach or pool water ensures it won’t absorb too much salt water or pool chemicals, which are substances that damage your locks.

As such, make it a habit to apply conditioner to your hair before taking a dip.

Don’t forget to shampoo and rinse your locks once you’re ready to call it a day. Doing so helps reduce hair damage from chlorinated or salt water.

If you are going to a place where there are no showers, bring a spray bottle with clean water to rinse your hair.

  • Avoid combing your hair too much.

Combing or brushing your hair excessively can damage it.

The warm weather condition also reduces the moisture in your tresses, leaving them more vulnerable to damage.

Because of these reasons, avoid combing and brushing your hair several times throughout the day.

Also, use a wide-tooth or natural fiber comb when detangling your locks, especially after showering. This accessory reduces hair breakage when combing your hair.

  • Minimize your use of hot tools.

Using the blow dryer and flat and curling iron regularly is a surefire way of damaging your hair. As such, it is best to minimize your use of these tools not only during summer, but also throughout the year.

At the very least, avoid using these hot tools twice a week to keep your hair healthy.

If you want your hair to look its best the following day, wash your hair at night and tie it up in a bun or ponytail before going to bed. 

When you wake up, your hair will have a nice beachy wave that needs little to no styling.

  • Control frizzy hair.

Keeping your hair healthy is your best defense against frizz.

Start by getting regular trims and conditioning your hair regularly. Also, apply a drop or two of an anti-frizz oil or serum to smoothen your tresses. 

You can also control your hair from becoming too frizzy by tying it up. Braiding and tying your hair in a ponytail, knot, or bun won’t look out of place and make you look fabulous during summer. 

Whether your summer plans include going to the Caribbean or exploring the local beaches, follow these tips to keep your hair healthy and looking great as you enjoy the hot, fun season.

 7 Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of Your Hair This Summer