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6 Easy But Stylish Haircuts For Men

Are you planning to sport a new look this year? With so many hairstyles to choose from, it could be confusing to find which one would look best with your facial features. The trend for short and stylish hairstyles continues, but with the fast-paced lifestyle most men have, it'd be better to have a haircut that doesn’t require high maintenance.

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Stylish Haircuts To Consider

This article would discuss different hairstyles that won’t steal your time in the morning when preparing. Along with their variations, you can play along with the various styles that'd suit you. It’s time to take a break from your signature look and start to experiment with new ones. 

Check out the following trendy haircuts that are easy to maintain for a daily look of masculinity and handsomeness:

1. Undercut 

The undercut is characterized by enough hair length on top but tight-cropped sides and back. You can emphasize your facial structure and hair volume with this kind of hairstyle. Undercut styles are available for all hair types, whether you have thin or thick hair, with straight, curly, or permed textures. 

In Australia, a stylish but more discreet style can be achieved if you'd go for a kind of undercut that includes shorter hair than the usual length on the top part and shorter hair on the sides. However, if you'd like to have a bolder undercut look, go for a longer length on top to emphasize the hairstyle more. You can seek advice from barber shop Adelaide and others as to which kind of undercut variations would best suit your face shape. 

2. Cropped Fringe 

Men have become more and more comfortable with the fringe hairstyle. Whenever you're in the mood for an up-to-date and trendy haircut, a fringe style is a good choice. In addition to short and long hair, men can also style fringe hairstyles with curly, wavy, or short hair. This will result in diverse looks you can play with, depending on your occasions and daily events. 

Once you visit a barbershop near you like Robbie's Chop Shop and others, you may request your barber to achieve a textured, angular, or messy fringe and to start with a fade or undercut on the sides. The number of cool men's haircuts with bangs is limitless, so feel free to inquire about your options. The best thing about this cut is it's flexible to style and easy to maintain, so you can come up with different looks each time you leave your home. 

3. Low Fade Haircut 

Fade haircuts are a classic favorite. The fade comes highly recommended for its stylishly tapered shape, smooth elegance, and overall appearance. Moreover, it can be styled to suit your style and it can also be a versatile look to rock.

Several types of fade cuts are available, including low fade cuts. This style is sleek yet a bit understated, making them perfect for the gentleman who likes flare to his hairstyle. Also, this will help you achieve a minimal look but will make you look as sophisticated as ever. 

mens stylish haircuts

4. Pompadour 

This hairstyle is among the easiest to recognize. It's also considered low-maintenance because all you need are a comb and some hair cream, and you can brush your hair in any direction. Whether you want it long or short, disconnected or undercut, you can have it any way you like. You can also style it with various products such as gel, pomade, or hair creams.

The best men’s hair styling products will help you achieve this hairstyle. Most of the time, it relies on pomade, which can hold your brushed hair firmly throughout the day. The most important feature of any pomade is how well it holds the hair, so it's essential to use the best quality.  

5. Buzz Cut 

The buzz cut is a cross between a militant cut and a modern influencer's hairstyle looks today. In high-fashion circles, however, there has never been a trend more enduring than the buzz cut, in which other men refer to it as crew cut. However, there's no denying that many men continue to love this style because it enhances their faces without making many efforts for preparations.

When the buzz cut was popular in the past, one would automatically think that all locks of hair on top will be shaved with a clipper. But now, a buzz cut is more of an extraordinary statement for men, embracing masculinity and a sleek look. 

6. Caesar Cut 

One of the most timeless hairstyles for men, the Caesar haircut never fails to impress. Straight-cut, short bangs are its distinguishing features. Side hair of this specific hairstyle can be shorter or the same length as the fringe cut.

In recent years, the Caesar-style bangs have been making a strong comeback thanks to the textured crop trend. Moreover, the short fringe of this overall haircut helps minimize the appearance of receding hairlines.


In this day and age where men's hairstyles are constantly changing, it can be tricky to decide what haircuts and styles are good for you. In addition to updated classic styles, barbers are coming up with new styles that are stylish and modern. The most important way to achieve the best cut is to know which style suits you best and have your favorite barber cut your hair. 

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