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5 Sweat-free Hairpieces for Sports and Fitness Enthusiasts

Sweat-free hairpieces not only help balding men keep staying cool while playing sports but also prevent conditions like the itchy scalp. However, the sheer number of hair systems available in the market often makes it difficult for men to pick the right replacement product. That’s why we have decided to help! 

In this blog, we will share the list of sweat-free hair systems that are known for their lightweight, breathability, and comfortability. Without further ado, let’s put the spotlight on our first hair system

Champion Remy hair system

Champion Remy is widely favored by sports lovers for keeping their scalp sweat-free when engaging in outdoor activities. While the full French lace base ensures optimum comfortability, the Remy hair on top further adds to the breathability of this sporty hairpiece.

The stitching lines make the base of the Champion Remy hair system more durable and help keep its shape in place. With the hair length of 5” and medium-light hair density, this hairpiece for sportsmen is a steal for $239 USD. 

Sweat-free Hairpiece

Champion: S7 stock hair system 

Want to play football after COVID-19 lockdown but afraid that your hairpiece will not hold? Don’t worry, Champion: S7 stock hairpiece has got your back! The 8” x 10” base of this hair system is made using French lace which can keep your scalp sweat-free at all times! 

Bleach knots all over the base gives you the appearance of hair directly coming out from your scalp. The ability to comb the Indian human hair in any direction makes S7 stock hairpiece a bang for your bucks at $189. 

The Neo: Sweat-free hair system

The Neo is a newly designed hairpiece that won’t expose your scalp to itchiness and sweat in hot summers. Designed for sports lovers, this modern hair system has a base made of ultra-light French lace and thin skin. 

The presence of French lace at the front and natural Indian hair on the top make it breathable and give you a super-realistic look. The option to customize base size and hair color makes the Neo hairpiece toupee an impressive deal at $149 USD. 

Quantum: Q6 hairpiece for men 

We couldn’t resist adding Quantum: Q6 hairpiece to this special list for sports lovers. Quantum is another sweat-free hair system that is considered one of the best for sports purposes. French lace on top & front with transparent thin skin on sides and back makes this hair system soft, feather-light, and comfy. 

Thanks to its bleach knots, it gives you the appearance of hair directly coming out from the scalp. The 8” x 10” base size can be cut into your head size and the hair color can be chosen from 24 options, making the Q6 hair system a great deal for $189. 

Infinity: LS1 sports hair system

Let’s put the spotlight on another popular sports hair system! Infinity, also known as LS1 hairpiece, allows heat & moisture to escape and keeps your head cool during hot weathers or intense physical activities. The soft French lace at the center and durable super thin skin along the perimeter make it airy, comfy and long-lasting. 

LS1 hair piece comes with Indian human hair with medium density which guarantees a natural look. The base and hair length can be customized to your needs, making the Infinity hair system a steal for $149 USD. We recommend using ultra hold tape with LS1 hairpiece as it manages to strongly hold the base position. 

Above hair systems are available at Lordhair.com and will help you keep staying cool in pursuit of sports and fitness for the rest of 2020. Buying one of these hair systems will not only help you gain back the confidence stolen by hair loss but also keep you feeling comfortable when indulging in physical activities. 

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