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3 Top Brazilian Grooming Brands For Men

Men’s grooming industry in Latin America has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, with many brands tapping into the lucrative trend. Data published by Business Wire states that men’s grooming growth rate in Latin America from 2016 to 2021 is expected to reach 27.4 percent—higher than the 9.9 percent in North America and 5.1 percent in Western Europe.

According to monederosmart, the leading markets in the region are composed of Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico, all countries where men are starting to care more about their appearance.

Particularly in the urban areas, young men are increasingly distancing themselves from the traditional macho attitude of the region. Male-dedicated hair and shaving products, soaps, fragrances and deodorants are especially popular, but the use of men’s skin-care products is also on the increase. Here are three of Brazil’s more notable grooming brands for men.


Once known for its women’s beauty products, oBoticário, which means apothecary in ancient Portuguese, now also offers a range of grooming products for men. The brand focuses on improving the appearance of men’s skin with creams, such as the Energetic Facial Men formula that promotes healthy and vital skin, and the BB cream that reduces oil and the appearance of expression lines.

The company’s other offerings for men include shampoos, soaps, deodorants and beard care products. More recently, oBoticário launched the Malbec Club line for men, breathing new life into Malbec, oBoticário’s main male fragrance. The line features a moisturizing lotion, liquid soap, beard oil, shampoo, as well as a shaving balm and beard oil—all containing grape polyphenols to prevent the signs of ageing.

Beard Brasil

With the values of responsibility, stability, commitment and promoting self-esteem in its mission statement, Beard Brasil is dedicated to manufacturing products that promote men’s well-being, both on the outside and inside.

Beard Brasil uses modern technology and quality ingredients to produce a range of beard and hair care products, as well as accessories. From beard oils, beard conditioners, hair pomades, moustache waxes, and pre- and post-shaving creams to accessories such as beard combs and barber smell fragrances, Beard Brasil has pretty much all you might need to keep your appearance fresh and on point.


Just like oBoticário, Skala started out as a cosmetics brand for women. This gradually changed, however, as Latin American men started embracing personal care. Today, Skala range of male-dedicated shampoos has been specifically formulated to clean hair without drying it out, as well as regulate oiliness and stimulate circulation to promote hair growth.

There is also an anti-dandruff and anti-fall shampoo formula that also strengthens and moisturizes the hair. In the roll-on deodorant department, Skala offers products that both moisturize the skin and keep it fresh all day round.

The company’s Barba’s for Men line of products includes beard and face lotions, and hair, moustache and beard styling products. Many of Barba’s products are multifunctional in that they can be used on more than one area of the body—something all men are sure to appreciate.

Top Brazilian Grooming Brands For Men