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3 Skin Care Products for Men to Make You Look Hot This Summer

The average male doesn’t take nearly enough care of their face and skin as much as they should. For most, just a quick rinse with some tap water is sufficient, but without the right skincare and protection, you can leave your face susceptible to UV rays, dryness, spots, and irritation.

Here are three great, male-friendly products for you to try and elevate your skincare game. It’s time to break down the preconception that beauty products are just for women and instead be proud of the care you’re putting into your appearance.

CBD Tonic

This is a great product to help you maximize and refresh your face, limit the risk of acne, and hydrate your skin, all in one supercharged way. CBD tonic is an effective way to soothe, nourish and purify the skin all in one go, all you need to do is swipe it over your face and neck with a cotton pad. It’s great for sensitive skin types due to how gentle it is, and due to the potential anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD, it can reduce puffiness and redness quickly and easily.

There is a whole range of CBD beauty products out there, ranging from bath bombs and pain relief lotions, but it’s always important to get these products from brands that have been tested by third parties to make sure they’re safe. CBDNerds.com is an excellent resource for that as they provide reviews for some of the best CBD products and companies and only host the best there is in the market, allowing you to make an informed buying decision if you’re interested in the potential properties of CBD.

Beard Oil

This one’s for the guys that rock a bit of facial hair. A beard can either make you look like a million bucks, or make you look haggard and dirty, and it all depends on the upkeep of it. As much as keeping it well-groomed and in shape regularly is essential, you want to keep it clean and refreshed as well.

That’s why beard oil is such an essential product for all the hairy men out there. It’s a fantastic all in one maintenance product that hydrates your hair and the skin under your beard, keeping it from growing dry and crusty, as well as preventing tangles from leaving the face feeling far less itchy and irritated. As a bonus, they also usually smell nice and woody, helping men look and smell fresh, clean, and sophisticated. 


Moisturizer is an essential beauty product for all sexes but is far more important for men because of the natural toughness of their skin. They’re a great way to hydrate the skin and stops it from being overly oily, which helps prevents flare-ups of acne or spots. Moisturizer with SPF is also additionally useful as they protect your skin from harmful UV rays which can burn your skin and make you look far older than what you are.

3 Skin Care Products for Men