2022 Trending hair – Ginger
March 28, 2022

2022 Trending hair – Ginger

Are you the hair color trendsetter for 2022? Leave the rest behind and take the lead!

No Blondes have more fun! No Luscious Raven Black Hair! No Red Hot!

It’s the year for Ginger!! Prince Harry’s got it! Christina Hendricks is showing it off! Kendall Jenner rocked the fashion world at Milan Paris week with her sleek ginger hair. 

It’s time for you to be – a GINGER!!!

2022 is the year TO BE YOU!! The year to experiment! Nobody is telling you who you should be! It’s time to decide who you are and let the rest follow you!

Fashionistas can dress in the style of their choosing and it’s your time to set the color you are choosing – AND its GINGER, RIGHT?

According to top celebrity colorists, Ginger is the tone for the season. The warm glow of sunset is reminiscent of the new ginger hair color and it’s here to stay. Celeb stylists add it’s not only popular for hair, but boring muted colors are out, and ginger is in!

Richy Kandasany, celebrity colorist has coined the phrase “Flaming Red Copper” and says "Warm, intense, elegant, and above all, trendy, this flamboyant copper will be on all heads this spring, regardless of skin tone." 

Do you want to try a new look for your hair? Go for the trending hair color, ginger!  You will find ginger is popular not only for hair but also other fashion products. Grab a handbag in trendy orange to add a dramatic context to your fashion look!

2022 Trending hair – Ginger

What is making Ginger popular this year?

  1. The warm color is giving people hope for the beginning of 2022, a bright and warm color that brings to mind, sunset, oranges, California poppies.
  2. Orange is associated with happiness and enthusiasm bringing life, vitality, and energy into your realm.
  3. Graphic eyeliner and eyeshadow to the brow is for fashionistas in vivid bright colors like cool crimson orange. Winged eyeliner is hot this year and using vivid bright colors you can let your imagination run wild. Rock your next selfie with this abstract design of eyeliner.
  4. Chanel, Tom Ford and Givenchy are predicting that the eye shadow to the brow is going to drive the make up world into a frenzy. Go for warm colors like orange and wear it at night for those wild trendy nights!
  5. Celebs are doing it – You can do it too!

Different ginger hair styles

1.Short bob ginger hair Be vibrant, sporty, and alive with your ginger bob. Watch your hair glow as the sun kisses the tips of your burnt orange bob, its almost as if the sunlight is emanating from your head.

With a short bob you can enjoy a warm summers day. A bob is bouncy and\ sexy and gives you that vibrant look and feel.

Try the messy bob for a super chic, convenient and easy to style look, or the super sleek bob if you want to have the allure of a Hollywood glamor star!

2.Long straight ginger hair

Long straight hair looks sleek, like a river of hair flowing down your back. You simply know the long ginger hair is going to feel like silk to the touch. It is glamorous and almost goddess like, you will certainly look like a celebrity with long smooth ginger hair.

There is nothing as beautiful as long flowing sleek waist length hair, it looks elegant and classy and will be the crowning glory for any woman. Long straight hair that is in good condition is classic sophisticated and timeless.

3.Wavy ginger hair

There is nothing as head turning as wavy ginger hair. As you turn your head from side to side the waves follow, creating the slow-motion effect only seen on the silver screen.

Long wavy ginger hair is simply mesmerizing. A layered style will enhance movement and it will give you that extra bounce you are looking for. This look creates a vibe and style that you can rock at the office or when you are out and about!

How to get the perfect ginger color hair?

1.Professional colorists – This is the best option for the perfect ginger color hair. Professional colorists use the best products and wont damage your hair. They know how long the color processing takes and their expertise and experience will ensure you have the perfect color and condition for your hair type.

2.Color your own hair – This is not recommended unless you have colored your hair before. Ginger is a very specific hair color that combines with the natural undertones of your hair. If you do not use the right products and process the color for the right amount of time, you will not only damage your hair but also could end up with a color that you don’t want.

3.Try a ginger wig – Today’s wigs are stylish and have the look and feel of natural hair. The saying “look before you leap”, try on a stylish ginger wig in different color tones like “burnt orange”, “amber”, “copper” or a darker crimson tone. (More ginger wig check unice shop),Trying on a wig can give you a good perspective on the length and style you like. Long wavy ginger wigs are spectacular, while short bob ginger wigs give you that bouncy energetic look, try a stylish ginger wig to see how amazing you can look like a ginger haired beauty.

What will ginger color hair bring to you?

1.Fashion style – Let’s face it, we all want to be fashionistas and now is your time to shine. Get ahead of the crowd and be the first one to show off the season’s hair color.

2.Compliment by friends – There is nothing like a compliment to make your day. Even if the start to your day hasn’t been great, but someone tells you that ginger hair really suits you. It will be sure to make you smile and brighten up even the darkest day.

3.Self-confidence – There is nothing that gives you more self-confidence than a good hair day. When your hair looks good, you look good, and the world feels great. Put a bounce in your new ginger hair and enjoy your day!

4.Full of energy in life – The pure burst of color of ginger hair attracts energy, it is like a burning flame, a flash of light and a burst of energy all in one.

Energy is like a spark in your life and will entice you to be adventurous, experience something new! Meet new people, try a new restaurant or club and allow everyone to admire your ginger locks.

The new you for 2022 is vibrant, exotic, trendy and just a little wild! Now is the time to explore the color that you have never explored, ginger. Be it on your hair, make up, clothes or fashion accessories – go bold! Have fun and attract the power of the sun and the warmth of love into your life!

That’s right – explore the new you, it might be the best you and it definitely makes a statement that you are not a follower but a trendsetter!