July 24, 2020

Workout Essentials: Sneaker Edition

Sneakers originated as sports shoes. Over the last century, this shoe style has gone from being strictly athletic to casual footwear. Most leading brands still make designs with performance features.

If you want to sweat in style, it is important to select sneakers that combine style and functionality. A pair of New Balance sneakers or Puma shoes can be perfect for general training. Specialized styles made by both brands provide the cushioning and support needed for high-impact activities such as running or walking.

Sport Athletic Sneakers

When you buy Puma sneakers online, you should determine whether a style is casual or provides the structure and cushioning of an athletic shoe. A pair of casual sneakers may be comfortable enough for walking or casual activities, but more athletic styles may provide sufficient cushioning for high-intensity workouts.

In some cases, sneakers are designated either as casual footwear or specialized gear for particular sports. If you are not sure whether a style is suitable for working out, check out the outsole design. A sole with cushioning and pronounced treads is likely to be more functional than low-profile or platform styles.

Select a Cushioning Level

You may prefer to wear sneakers with thick outsoles that have shock absorption and features such as air or gel padding for running. The amount of cushioning you need depends on whether you plan to run on a track, paved surfaces, gravel or dirt trails.

Athletic sneakers may also be designed for a particular pronation level. Overpronation is an inward roll typically associated with feet that have low arches while underpronation involves an outward roll and is associated with high arches.

Recent studies suggest that pronation is natural and healthy for feet. Some styles of athletic shoes attempt to compensate for or correct extreme pronation. Other shoes are designed with minimal support to promote a natural gait and the development of supportive muscles.

Keep in mind that it may take longer for feet to adjust to minimalist athletic shoes than more padded footwear. Some orthopedic specialists suggest that overly cushioned shoes may make injuries more likely, even though this footwear puts less stress on joints than shoes with less cushioning.

Get the Best Fit

When shopping for shoes online, it is helpful to know your size in casual and athletic shoes. In general, experts recommend ordering shoes that are one half of a size larger than your standard size for wear during prolonged physical activity. Check reviews for feedback about a particular style to determine which size and width of shoe is likely to provide the most comfortable fit.

Sneakers are comfortable shoes that can be worn during many athletic activities. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you may prefer footwear designed for a particular activity or general training.

A single pair of sneakers may not be able to satisfy the need for active and casual footwear, particularly if you require more cushioning or other features that athletic shoes can provide. Consider investing in a pair of dedicated workout sneakers in addition to casual sneakers for everyday comfort.