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What Is The Best Exercise Equipment For Home Use?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to stay away from the gym. People are now opting to exercise from home. Investing in the best exercise equipment for home use is a great way to ensure that you can exercise at your own convenience when you can't get outside. 

As we age, our joints become less flexible, and bones become brittle. Exercising keeps us functional, independent, and healthy with age. We all lead busy lives and can't make it to the gym daily, making working out at home more desirable. There are many exercise equipment for seniors that are as effective as a fancy gym membership.

The exercising equipment for seniors allows them to workout in the comfort of their own homes. While choosing the fitness equipment for seniors, you should consider their medical condition, individual circumstances, and the impact of the activity on their health. Here is a list of a few exercise equipment for older adults to work out at home.

Best Exercise Equipment For Home Use

5 Best Exercise Equipment For Older Adults

  • Elliptical Machines

The elliptical trainer is optimized to simulate a stride-like running or climbing motion. You can modify an elliptical trainer's incline and resistance levels to help target specific muscle groups according to your preferences. It provides both cardiovascular and strengthening benefits and is a great form of exercise for people with hip and knee arthritis.

  • Exercise Balls

If you wish to maintain an active lifestyle, exercise balls can be a great option. By using an exercise ball, you get to work on your core strength. It can help you in improving your balance, coordination, and abdominal strength. Even chiropractors and physical therapists have started using the exercise ball for therapy. Exercise balls don't take up much space and are easy to move around.

  • Foam Rollers

Seniors often have tightness and years of built-up muscle tension. Foam Rollers can help older adults in releasing muscle tension, reducing soreness, and improving mobility. They can also help with back pain as they allow deep tissue muscle release around the spine. They can also open up sore and tight leg muscles in the hamstrings, thighs, and calves. Seniors should get longer foam rollers as they are easier to keep in place while changing their positions. 

  • Dumbbells 

As you get older, you start to lose muscle tone and strength. One of the best ways to keep your muscles strong and healthy is doing weight training. Regular strength-training exercises stimulate the growth of bone and muscle and help prevent osteoporosis. Seniors should begin with light weights depending on their condition and gradually add more weight to continue strength training progress. Dumbbell training is the best way for seniors to strengthen their bones and muscles while improving blood circulation and overall well-being. You can use dumbbells to do strengthening exercises.

  • Yoga Mat

No one likes to kneel and lie down on tile or hardwood floors while doing yoga. Yoga mats are made to prevent you from slipping while doing various poses during a yoga class. There are endless exercises that the seniors can perform on a yoga mat. Seniors are more prone to suffer from joint discomfort while doing yoga. It's therefore important to choose a thick mat that provides ample cushioning. Typically a half an inch thick yoga mat is perfect for seniors. If your yoga mat is too thick, it can become unstable, and your feet will sink into it.  

  • Treadmill

A long walk strengthens the legs and builds cardiovascular health. But there are times when walking outdoors isn't possible for seniors due to bad weather or busy roads. Treadmills make that possible and come with features that allow you to track your workouts. It is the best workout machine for seniors. You should start on the treadmill at a slow pace and speed up when you think it is time for you to adjust the treadmill's speed. Only walking for thirty minutes each day can keep you active and fit for the rest of the day. Walking on the treadmill also helps the seniors burn extra fat from their body parts. 


The easiest way to stay independent and functional with age is by creating a space within your home where you can workout. The best thing is that creating an at-home gym won't cost a fortune. All it takes is a small open space, a few pieces of equipment, and you're all set.

Best Exercise Equipment For Home Use

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