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What Are The Unique Benefits Of Cutting?

During the cutting phase in your bodybuilding plan, you are trying to rip off the fats accumulated when you bulked without losing any of the muscle mass.

If bulking is the time for excess calories, bulking is the time for calorie deprivation.

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During the phase of cutting you need nutrient dense and lower calorie food to facilitate muscle mass maintenance while shedding the layers of fat.

Part of the foods you should reduce consuming are majorly high calorie, high fats in protein, sugary drinks and others. pizza,soft drinks, iced tea deep-fried foods,chips, ham, pâté, creamy pasta sauce, bacon, chicken wings and thighs, and fatty fish are few out of the foods you should limiti in this phase.

One may start to wonder, is this punishment? No, it isn’t. It’s just calorie deprivation, nothing more. I know it is easier said than done. So I have compiled the list of the food you should consume during this time.

Foods with limited fats, Lean proteins, lower sugar fruits, fibrous carbs, legume crops, Non starch vegetables are part of what to consume. A more detailed and extended example includes: chicken breast, lean ground turkey, lean cuts of beef or pork, fish, extra firm tofu, low fat cheese, and eggs and egg whites

olive oil, avocado, nuts, nut butters, and seeds

chickpeas and other types of legumes, navy, and black beans, sweet potatoes, whole grain pasta, oats, low sugar cereals, rice cakes, and quinoa, peaches, berries, melon, grapefruit, oranges, figs,, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, Swiss chard, collard greens, amongst others.

Before you start cutting, it is of utmost importance that you determine the calories level needed to maintain your weight.

Once you have figured out, the ideal thing to do is subtract a certain percentage of calories so you will eat fewer calories than what you need to maintain weight.

A rule of thumb in stimulating weight loss is to consume your maintenance calories less than 500 calories. Another trusted source also suggests that a gradual weight loss of 0.5–1% per week may be best for maximizing muscle maintenance.

You should endeavour to consume high protein, practise resistance training to ensure muscle mass maintenance.

If you fear that you will be deprived of your precious calories, the cutting phase doesn’t last forever, it is even usually shorter than a bulk.

What are the benefits of cutting?

  • Topping the list of the many benefits that could result from cutting is the calorie deprivation. When you’re training intensely and burning off an already-low amount of calories, you lose weight and burn fat.
  • Cutting increases insulin sensitivity. A high insulin sensitivity allows the cells of the body to use blood glucose more effectively, reducing blood sugar.
  • Enhanced athletic performance. When  you have less fat and more muscle, your performance in any competitive sport will significantly improve.