Want A Healthy Body And Mind? Learn 5 Steps!
February 12, 2018

Want A Healthy Body And Mind? Learn 5 Steps!

A better body and mind is only a few short decisions away. We all want to feel better about ourselves inside and outside and these tips are here to help you.

1) Mindfulness And Meditation:

Do you ever read about what profound impact meditation has on the human mind? Do you wonder how many genuinely do this daily though?

In my early 20s, I was a total fidget bum, as the concept of remaining still for more than a single minute felt like doomsday.

I found it challenging to be sure, but with perseverance and practice, it became effortless to find time to just relax.

It's gotten to the point now that I don't sleep all that well unless I make time each night to clear my mind and relax.

Alternatively, meditating first thing each morning is also great.

When you do meditation, you're giving your brain a chance to empty and reformat itself to process all the fresh information that's coming ahead the next day.

2) Media:

As crucial as it is to stay mindful of what's happening around the world, modern media is centred on things like negativity and pain.

That fuels ratings, but it also fuels pessimism, so you don't want to give your mind too much access to it.

There's little point in getting worked up or stressed out over things you have limited or even no control over. The waste of energy is simply pointless. Also, you need to be mindful of brainwashing.

The world is not necessarily as it is presented. The media is very adept at bending the truth or exaggerating things.

If you'd like to make your own difference in the world somehow, look for charities to donate to, or volunteer work you can do.

3) Surround Yourself With Folks Who Give You The Chance To Grow:

There's a metaphor I love using when describing the need to let go of older relationships or friends that aren't useful to us any longer.

I like calling such things 'old potatoes.' If you're able to let go of some of your old potatoes, you have room to plant new potatoes.

Relationships and friendships should be based simply on love, and love is after all energy.

Frequencies change, and when they do, you'll find that some relationships or friends might drop away. You might even feel like you no longer have anything in common with them.

Continuing to hold on to such relationships when the no longer serve you saps your energy and distracts you from properly focusing your mind.

When you hold on to old potatoes, you block the doorway that lets you gain new ones. Don't fear letting something go if you feel the timing is right.

You'll discover that new opportunities present themselves as a result. You just don't know what your next amazing lover, mentor, friend, teacher, or person will be.

4) Eat A Healthy Diet:

Two things critical for brain function are staying hydrated and eating healthy. I've spent quite a few years learning what my body does and doesn't like.

It's also taken years to alter my routines and habits. However, I feel much better having cut down on sugar, caffeine, dairy, and wheat.

Each of those impacted how I thought and how my body actually felt. Granted, your mileage may vary, since everyone's experience is different.

That's why only you can know just what your body actually needs or would stand to gain from cutting out.

Experiment by cutting out certain drinks or foods for a week or more if you think your body might be rejecting it.

A normal turnaround time for a total flush from your system is about five days.

5) Quit Smoking

Get out of the habit of smoking, even if it’s only a cigarette when you drink. As we all know well cigarettes cause a myriad of different issues for people’s health.

Additionally, it’s also a bit disgusting as it makes your breath and also your clothing smell. If you are trying to get off, then vaping is a good way to cut down. You can try Rainbow Road ejuice for starters.

6) Spend Time Doing Things You Love:

The most crucial thing of anything you do is ensuring your time is spent on activities or hobbies you love.

When we do things we love, we radiate many different positive emotions. They magnetize the universe, bringing back much more happiness and joy.

So many individuals get stuck in their ruts and lose sight of what's really important and make them happy. Find anything you can you love doing, and then do it every day. Create time for it.

If you can, make a career from it. Life really is meant to be fun. You can learn things through pain, but why take that road when pleasure offers just as much learning and growth?