Flat Belly
July 31, 2020

Waist Trainer 101: All You Need to Know for a Flat Belly

If you have ever heard of waist training, you know that it’s a method to decrease the size of your waist with the help of a waist trainer. You might be wondering how’s that possible.

Well, it has been proven several times that wearing a waist trainer can effectively and quickly reduce the size of your waist. In particular, a waist trainer can also help to give your torso an outstanding silhouette. Waist trainers also strengthen your core and improve your posture. Besides, if you want to show off an hourglass figure, you can also use a corset. 

Waist Trainer 101: All You Need to Know for a Flat Belly

How a waist trainer works

If you have ever used a waist trainer, you know how well it works. Here’s what makes its magic trick possible: the heat generated while wearing a waist trainer makes you sweat more and reduces your body fat.

Besides, the compression caused by the waist trainer reduces your appetite. That’s why you will eat smaller portions rather than three big meals as usual. Because of this, your metabolism will be stimulated to work faster, and as a result, you will lose more weight.

If you want to achieve even better results, you should combine the use of a waist trainer with enough exercise and a healthy diet. It’s even better if you can wear the waist trainer for at least 8 hours a day. However, don’t start immediately wearing it for 8 hours right away.

Wearing a waist trainer is similar to exercising. If you run for several kilometers after a long period of inactivity, you will not be able to exercise for more than an hour to say much. You should wear them gradually for more extended periods. We recommend starting with half an hour a day and then increase the period and the intensity. Remember always to keep an eye on your body to see how it reacts. 

Waist Trainer 101: All You Need to Know for a Flat Belly

How to get the best results from waist training

What is true for wearing a waist trainer, it’s also true for waist training. You shouldn’t start immediately with 8 hours a day. The first day in which you begin using the waist trainer, start with half an hour only to see how it feels.

Then go for two hours and increase gradually the time spent doing waist training. During the first few waist training sessions, you do not need to sit down too often. The reason is that when you sit down, your belly extends the furthest forward while the waist trainer is at its highest.

That’s why wearing it might be very uncomfortable. You can wear the waist trainer when going shopping or doing the groceries. Many people wear it whenever they are moving around. 

Waist Trainer 101: All You Need to Know for a Flat Belly


There is no right or wrong when doing waist training. However, once you have reached the 8 hours threshold, you should get used to wearing a waist trainer every day to see the best results. Wearing it sporadically will not make your waist slimmer. 

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