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Uses of Scooter: Daily Transport, Entertainment, or Sports?

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Uses of Scooter: Daily Transport, Entertainment, or Sports?

The ancestor of the scooter, rather called a skater at the time, was first used in public in 1895.  These early models were made of wood, had 3 wheels (1 at the front and 2 at the rear), and were intended for children from well-to-do families.

Once a wooden child's toy, the scooter is now a real means of transport. Timeless, the electric models proved increasingly essential for short trips. Seeing an adult riding this machine is no longer laughable and many adults already use it. Are there really good reasons to use this device for your travels? Let's discover together 4 good reasons that will convince you to use this personal mobility vehicle. And as soon as you make a decision to buy one, go to Go2scooter for shopping. 

As Daily Personal Transport Vehicle

From the 1950s, it was transformed into a real means of transport, used by many professionals. It will take half a century to see this phenomenon reproduce.

Fashion passed in favor of new, more fun modes such as skateboarding, new generation roller skating (rollerskate), the development of the bicycle, it will be necessary to wait for the invention of a folding aluminum model to see its big comeback in all the hoods of Santa Claus from the years 96, 97 with the Razor.

In recent years, scooters have been used by both children and adults. Its use has diversified by adding the means of transport and sports use to the initial playful aspect.

For children and teens, these devices can be seen used daily while going to and from schools. For many, these devices are considered far better than bicycles for the following reasons:

  • They are cheap compared to bicycles
  • They are handy and easy to maneuver
  • They can be easily carried
  • They don’t need parking space
  • They are fun to ride

Adults can be seen in downtown LA and New York in suites riding on scooters (mechanical or electric). You may visit iScoot, for more details about electric scooters.. The traffic and ease of this device lure many working-class individuals to use such a machine when going to their work, and fold and place it under their table. 

There are many reasons why even men in suits use this machine. Aside from the reasons mentioned above, these devices are efficient and 3 times faster than normal walking. 

“I can transfer from one job to another in just 5 minutes without losing so much time. I have three jobs and without my ride I can only have two jobs. My last shift is 2 miles away and I will be spending a lot on gas if I use my car. This little ride is not only a time-saver but a big money-saver too,” Jan Patrice, a waitress and bartender from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“Since Mom bought my Razor A5 a year ago, I stopped taking our school bus. I enjoy riding with my friends. I only take the school bus when the weather is bad. I have a full view of things that I passed on every day when I’m scootering,” added Jay Pinto, a 9th-grader from Boulder, Colorado.

As Entertainment

There’s no argument that scooters were first invented as a toy and it is still considered as such until today - at least part entertainment. Like rollerblades and skateboards, they are still used for entertainment purposes and there are special models that can handle extra fun.

All-terrain and off-road models are designed specifically for entertainment as riders love the thrilling effects of extreme riding. Even if you have an ordinary kick scooter, you can still use it as entertainment. Go to amusement parks, have fun, and enjoy yourself with friends.

Doing exhibitions on skate parks is more than entertaining. Trekking mud and deep dirt is fun as hell too!

As Sport

Do you know that scooters are used in sports too? There are the so-called pro scooters.  They are used for extreme sports stunts and tricks and made to withstand stresses and frustrations. Numerous brands specialize in stunt and accessories including helmets, pegs, grind wax, grip tape clamps, and clothing.

A lot of people are doing sports with pro models. Racing is another option aside from stunts and extreme aerobatics.

There is also an off-roading sport for scooters especially the electric off-road models. Racing through rocks, hills, dirt, and muds is just one of many sports these rides could be involved in.

Other Uses

Although it is evident that these devices are primarily used for daily commuting than entertainment and sports, there are other important uses that many fail to recognize.

These little riding toys can be a great help in developing your child’s motor development, self-confidence, and even cognitive development. 

Parents buy this thing for their toddlers not only as toys but also as tools that could help them develop. For instance, a 4-year old kid may find it difficult to ride a bike even with stabilizers if he or she is not confident enough. With the use of a 3-wheel as a starter, the kid can develop psychomotor and could strengthen his/her bones quick reflexes.

Scooters are used to rehabilitate people with walking issues too. These devices are considered mobility aids and some physical rehabilitation centers use them to help patients recover their reflexes, bone strength, and muscle development. 

Truly, the importance and uses of scooters are too many to mention and this is the reason why if you have extra money, you should buy one. You may not need it now but who knows, you may want to go outside and do a low-intensity cardio exercise - a scooter is a great tool.


The scooter is truly a magnificent and useful invention. It may look simple but its importance is more than its 2-wheel counterparts such as bicycles and motorcycles. 

Although these devices are not yet regulated in most parts of the world, it is important to think about safety first before you start kicking the ground. The lack of regulations is the main reason why scooter accidents are also increasing and it will not take long before the government of your country passes legislation regulating the use of scooters in unintended places. Before this happens, it is therefore important to apply safety rules and wear safety gear like you are riding a motorcycle before you enjoy kicking.

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