Try Out These Fitness Trends in Mexico
November 23, 2019

Try Out These Fitness Trends in Mexico

Try Out These Fitness Trends in Mexico

Exercising can have many benefits to your physical and mental health. So if you’re looking to get fitter or healthier then you might want to take up some exercises. Thankfully there are many to choose from, so you are bound to find one that is right for you and can help you.

Different types of exercises can aid with a whole range of health problems that you might experience. For example, there are some exercises that can help you sleep better, such as walking and yoga.

If you’re looking for a new fitness trend to get onboard with, then try out these fitness trends that are popular in Mexico.

Mexico and Health

According to IHRSA, more than four million Mexicans are members of health clubs, with many more partaking in regular exercise outside of health clubs.

You’ll famously see Mexican sports stars competing in football or soccer, baseball, boxing, horse riding, golf, basketball, tennis, and Olympic sports such as running. There’s really no shortage as to which sports Mexicans love to partake in.

“28.90% of Mexicans are obese, which is quite a high percentage, however, there are a lot of Mexicans who take their health and exercise very seriously. Which is why the world could learn a thing or two from Mexican fitness trends, ” says Christopher Castrejon, a fitness expert from

4 Mexican Fitness Trends You Need to Try

One fitness trend that is taking Mexico by storm is spinning. Spinning is a very popular sport worldwide and it involves concentrated and high intensity cardio for 40 to 60 minutes on a stationary bike. Spinning is usually done in dark rooms with an instructor at the front and with loud upbeat music to ensure everyone gives it their all. It’s a great way to work up a sweat and get your heart rate up. It also is a great way to lose weight and tone up your muscles.

Another fitness trend that is popular in Mexico right now is Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Following in the footsteps of Mexican world champion Saul Canelo Alvarez, many Mexicans enjoy taking part in UFC because it involves training exercises and a range of mixed martial arts. This trend is a great way to burn some calories and pump some adrenaline into your body.

If you’re looking for a fitness trend that combines pilates, ballet, and yoga, then you need to try Barre. Barre is a form of exercise that is thoroughly enjoyed by men and women worldwide. What does barre involve? Barre aims to tone your body by doing strength training with high reps of small range-of-motion movements. It also can help you with your posture and improve your balance.


Take control of your workout by trying a boot camp. Boot camps are very popular in Mexico right now, because they provide a high intensity physical and mental workout which helps to burn calories and tone your body.