Things To Follow And Avoid When Working Out At The Gym
March 05, 2019

Things To Follow And Avoid When Working Out At The Gym

The health and fitness industry has been growing annually at a rate of 3-4 percent, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down soon.

According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), the $30 billion industry is accelerating, with about 20 percent of American adults having membership to fitness clubs.

But not everyone who walks into any gym floor knows what they’re doing in there.

So many fitness mistakes – some very costly – are done in the gym every day. In fact, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) did a survey on 3,000 fitness professionals to identify the most common of such mistakes.

While some of these may be minor mishaps, they could lead to huge setbacks on your gains from gyming.

Here’s what you need to follow and avoid at the gym so you can get the most out of your fitness and workout regimen.

First, what to follow -

1. Focus 100 percent

Things to avoid at working out

A good rule of thumb at the gym is to give it 100 percent focus as you train. This allows you to reach even greater levels of intensity.

Once you believe you can achieve what you want, your body will follow suit, even if everything else around you suggests the opposite.

You can coax your body mentally to grow stronger and larger.

Visualization techniques help with this. Just imagine your body as the ideal you’re working towards, and harness that mental imagery to catapult your physique to unparalleled heights.

2. Expose your weak points and move the bar higher progressively

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Your body knows your workout routine once you set your mind to working out, and is already used to it.

Longtime world’s greatest bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger used the shocking principle where you start with a different regime and grow it. If the muscle is shaking and cramping, then you’ve shocked it.

Just be sure to listen to your body as you workout.

3. Have a consistent regular workout plan

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Stick to your program and work on improving to meet your workout plan. Regular trainings help you develop the discipline to meet your targets.

Watch for signs of overtraining and get enough sleep so your body muscles can recover.

4. Stay hydrated

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With all the physical workout, the body needs to rehydrate from all the respiration and energy used.

Water keeps you from falling sick due to dehydration, and keeps you feeling fresh. Have as much liquid as possible. Energy and immunity boosting drinks can be a great alternative.

But make sure you don’t pick the one with high sugar content. The best way is to maintain a balance between water and energy drinks.

5. Dress for the gym

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Sometimes people go to the gym to work out, but they look like they are dressed for a different occasion.

Gym clothes should be loose and comfortable to wear and you feel lighter and ready to take on the workload.

6. Try a full body training

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When going to the gym, you may tend to concentrate on a split-style training body workout. Although that may be your desire, it is good to do full body training. That gives a chance to muscles to relax and recover when not in action.

In addition, a full body training improves your muscle mass and gives you more strength, plus it helps reduce body fat.

It also keeps your metabolic process energized.

Let’s see what to avoid -

7. Skipping meals, or eating heavy meals

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Eating a meal before working out is a good idea, as long as it is not a heavy meal. 

It may lead to cramps and at the same time an intolerable working out. 

If you’re a beginner, it may give you a negative impression of working out. Similarly, it’s not advisable to work out on an empty stomach because you need the energy to get through the fitness program.

Take a light meal containing all the nutrients or eat an hour before working out. You can carry along a whey protein meal if you like.

During the day, you must take foods that are dense on vitamins and are rich sources of protein like Salmon and veggie platters. 

8. Combining workout time and phone activities while working out

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Gym and phones never go hand in hand. If you know you are going to the gym, the phone has a special place in your life, and so does your workout routine.

The best thing is to disengage yourself from activities on the phone by prioritizing your gym time and other activities.

When all your attention is given to working out, you are able to build on areas you may want to work on. At the end of the day, you achieve your workout plan and the rest

9. Doing other people’s routine

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Sometimes we can get excited with workout routines that others have become accustomed to, and we try to adopt it as our own.

However, some routines may work well with you, while others may not. It requires one to have a fitness guide who can help you develop your routine and work your way upwards.

This makes it comfortable for you and you are able to pick it up wherever you go.

10. Painkillers, alcohol and working out

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Taking pain killers before and after workout sessions can set great risks.

If you take painkillers before working out, there are chances of overstretching your routine and damaging your muscles.

Also, if you take after your routine, it may slow your muscle or tissue recovery process.

Similarly, being intoxicated while working out can lead to accidents and also may not give the outcome you desire.

You can work with your fitness guide on the best workout moderations suitable for you.   

11. Crowding the gym

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A gym is a place for working out.

Sometimes one may drift a little and find themselves staring at others or hogging a bench or equipment when you are not using it or making loud noises when working out can irritate others.

Other times you may not know how to use any of the equipment and may end up destroying them or injuring yourself.

Get a trainer who can guide you on what to do, how to handle or use training equipment and workout within your schedule so that others may use the space and equipment.


Gym etiquette is simple. But there are plenty of blunders you could be making that may disrupt or upset others, but also negatively affect your health.

Take extra precaution by following these easy do’s and don’ts at the gym.

If you feel that alcohol addiction is keeping you from reaching all of your gym goals seek help as soon as possible. There are trusted alcohol detox and rehab centres in Bellevue, Washington that are willing and ready to help you get clean. 



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Things To Follow And Avoid When Working Out At The Gym

Things To Follow And Avoid When Working Out At The Gym #gymrules