Sportswear As The Key To Your Successful Workouts
July 07, 2022

Sportswear As The Key To Your Successful Workouts

Whatever sport you do, be it yoga or bodybuilding, you always need high-quality and comfortable sportswear. Today we will tell you which sports uniform is better to choose for training in the gym, what to look for when buying it, and of course we will give advice on how to save money. Let's get started!

What material is better for the gym?

The opinions of sports fans differ. Some believe that it is necessary to buy clothes made from natural fabrics, while others say that they have not come up with anything better than modern synthetic materials.

What sports uniform to choose? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both types:

Clothing made from natural materials:


  • comfortable
  • does not dry out the skin
  • hypoallergenic
  • pleasant to the touch
  • breathable


  • pure cotton absorbs moisture and sticks to the body
  • may shrink or stretch when washed

High-tech synthetic clothing:


  • does not stretch, does not wrinkle
  • wear-resistant
  • wicks moisture away without cooling the body
  • hypoallergenic (high quality products)
  • maintains body temperature


  • can dry out the skin
  • undesirable for skin diseases

High-quality synthetic materials include: saplex, meryl, mixed fabrics containing elastane and polyester.

Tight or loose sportswear?

It is a matter of comfort and choice for everyone. Of course, tight clothing shows all the results of your productive workout. But it shouldn't be overused.

It should be comfortable for you to move, nothing should hamper your movements. But an overly loose hoodie will also not bring pleasure. Also pay attention to the seams - they should be soft and as smooth as possible, not irritate the skin.

Every sport has its own sportswear

Each sport has its own characteristics: for yoga, clothes should be loose, for acrobatics tight fit, like maternity bike shorts, is more suitable, and running is certainly more comfortable in special sneakers with a sole that dampens shock.

The list goes on, but the bottom line is that exercising is more comfortable and enjoyable in clothes that are designed for action. It was created specifically for this: removes moisture, retains heat, ventilates and fixes.

Materials and technologies

Wear resistance, hypoallergenicity and hygiene can also be added to the list of basic requirements for fitness clothing. All this can be achieved with modern materials and technologies.

For tailoring sportswear, synthetic fabrics or synthetics with the addition of natural fibers (for example, cotton with polyester) are mainly used.

Clothes made of cotton or linen are not suitable for regular workouts. These materials perfectly absorb sweat, but dry for a long time; breathe, but do not maintain a comfortable temperature. A light cotton T-shirt becomes transparent after 10 minutes of training.

Recommendations for choosing clothes for fitness

For medium-intensity and high-intensity workouts, it is advisable to choose a tight-fitting bottom, as loose trousers can create discomfort during swings and other leg exercises, preventing you from concentrating on technique. Leggings are optimal: they provide freedom of movement, do not interfere during exercise and are practically not felt on the body.

For low-intensity types of fitness (for example, fitness yoga or Pilates), looser (but not wide!) clothing models are suitable.

It is advisable to choose garments with mesh inserts (for additional ventilation).

You should pay attention to the quality of tailoring: the seams should be even and flat (so as not to rub the skin), be sure to knit (so that the product stretches well).


Some men are in the gym without a T-shirt. From a hygiene point of view, this is considered wrong because the athlete's sweat remains on the simulators. And the view from such an occupation is somewhat strange. Ideally, work out in the gym in a T-shirt or T-shirt. You can choose any color, depending on taste preferences and mood. Athletes in the gym in white T-shirts look great. But they can only be suitable for those who are ready to wash their clothes at the end of each workout.

Many sportswear manufacturers have offers in the form of T-shirts and tank tops with mesh inserts. Thanks to the mesh, the skin actively breathes during training.

The length of the sleeve is selected depending on the temperature in the room. If it's too warm, it will be convenient to practice in a T-shirt. In cooler temperatures, something warmer and with long sleeves is needed.


When choosing between shorts and sweatpants, it is necessary to take into account the preferences of the athlete and the type of training. Shorts should not be worn when you need to do stretching exercises. You can give preference to them if during the training the emphasis lies on the bench press or exercises with dumbbells. It is important to clarify that the length of the shorts should be at the same time to the knees. In short, it will be uncomfortable during training due to the imprint of sweat on the simulators.

The ideal option in this case are sweatpants made of soft and elastic fabrics. At present, the model with cuffs from below is considered one of the most popular, both for women and for men. As for the color, in this case you should not buy pants with bright patterns and ornaments, this is far from decorating men. It is better to opt for light or dark pants, but without any patterns.


It may seem strange at first glance that there are also accessories that a man needs to work out in the gym. But they are really necessary. In this case, wristbands are useful for fixing the brush, with which it is good to remove sweat from the forehead. Also, spare socks will come in handy. Well, if there are several pairs.

Another important accessory is a roomy sports bag. It must be durable and stylish. It is better to opt for dark colors, thanks to this the bag will not get too dirty.


In terms of shoes, there should be no discussion. It is mandatory for the gym to buy men's sneakers. It is worth clarifying that these should not be moccasins, namely sneakers. On sale there are a large number of different models and from different manufacturers. Everyone can choose exactly what they like. It is very important during the fitting to feel how comfortable the foot is in sports shoes. You can walk around the store, do a couple of exercises that are usually performed during training.

In the case of too frequent classes, you need to buy not one, but two pairs of sneakers at once. Due to their periodic change, they will not wear out so much. One pair can be washed while the other pair goes to training. By the way, good quality sports shoes cannot be too cheap. It is very important that an athlete has at least one high-quality model in his wardrobe.

Care instructions

General recommendations:

  1. It is important to wash things after each workout so that stains and odors do not soak deep into the fabric. Always wash dark colors separately from light colors.
  2. Fasten the clasps before washing your sports bra, otherwise they may snag on other items.
  3. For washing things with fasteners, zippers and Velcro, it is convenient to use special bags.
  4. Modern synthetic fabrics from which sportswear is made are very They are unpretentious and easy to care for: they do not wrinkle, they are easy to wash, they dry quickly and do not require ironing.

However, some high-tech fabrics require special care. The most common recommendations:

  • wash in a delicate mode, preferably in cool water;
  • avoid twisting and push-ups;
  • dry away from artificial heat sources;
  • some types of fabrics (particularly membranes) require special liquid detergents.