Running Gear And Apparel Guide For Beginners
May 16, 2022

Running Gear And Apparel Guide For Beginners

Whether it's finding the best Sony headphones for running or track shoes that won't break the back, there are many things that one needs to start running as a form of exercise. There has genuinely never been a better moment for a full-on, challenging, and effective form of exercise. If you have packed on the pounds during the covid lockdowns, please know that you are not alone. So, what do you need to start running? What is essential apparel?

Comfort Clothing

We have all seen that neighbor from down the road dressed from head to toe in all sorts of branded spandex exercise kits. We don't feel like flaunting our physique until we are at a weight with which we are comfortable.

To that end, wearing gear that makes you feel uncomfortable is a significant deterrent for many people considering running as a way to get back in shape. Fortunately, there is an alternative. You can run in pretty much anything, save for your Prada's or Balenciaga.

A comfortable, baggy shirt works well. Not only is it less awkward to wear, but the loose fit will also help keep things feeling more casual as you start running. And yes, the same goes for running pants, although weather permitting, shorts usually work best.

You want to invest in a sports bra, and make sure you wear thick socks. You are going to get blisters on your feet for the first couple of weeks.


And on the topic of socks, footwear is perhaps an essential part of any runner's kit. There are many reasons you should not cheap out on runners. First are the aforementioned blisters. A shoe that fit's slightly loosely will give you blisters.

In addition, cheap running shoes can cause severe damage to your ankles and ligaments. Sure, many people make the argument that thousands of years ago, we ran around barefooted. However, thousands of years ago, we also had a life expectancy of twenty-five to thirty years old.

To keep the various strains from negatively impacting your feet and lower legs, invest in a good pair of running shoes. What's more, proper running shoes tend to have a breathable mesh top. That might sound like a convenience, but not all that imperative.

You will likely change your mind on the matter the first time that you step to go for a run in sealed shoes, and your feet sweat so badly that you have to cut your run short.

Patience And A Smartwatch

Ok, this one is perhaps cheating a little, but things like cutting your run short are a big demotivator for many new runners. A simple fact can help you solve the problem: no one, no matter how fit they are, can run 10 miles on their first go.

According to most fitness professionals, the best way to get started with routine exercise is by setting small goals and gradually increasing them using your Apple watch or android running watch. Start with 1500 feet a day; once you are comfortable, this is an easy run, up to your distance by another 1500 feet.

As you continue to do this, you will find that the runs become easier. A real giveaway is that your heart rate won't jump as much on your health app. That said, there is also a point at which you should stop; for most people, that is around 5 miles.

Such a distance more than covers your cardiovascular and exercise requirements. The only good reason to push beyond that is if you plan to run a marathon. If that is the case, please consult your doctor for a complete checkup. Many of us have dormant cardiovascular problems that are essentially benign until you push your body too far.

You must also keep your blood pressure in mind. A trustworthy smartwatch, like an Apple or a FitBit, will provide near enough as perfect feedback on blood pressure. High blood pressure can, unfortunately, put you at a higher risk of s stroke under extreme physical exertion.

On the flip side, low blood pressure could cause you to faint or collapse under physical strain. Of course, there are other health factors that your smartwatch helps you keep track of. For any exercise, your blood oxygen is vital. When running, a blood oxygen drop could indicate serious health issues. Unless you are a heavy smoker, in which case you already have serious health issues.


Do you know those people who say that running is their hobby, their solace even? We think they are liars, every last one of them, because running is boring until you get the runners high. If you keep running with no entertainment at all, you will get bored, and eventually, your expensive running shoes will find retirement in the back of your 'I don't want to talk about it' closet.

We find that the very best entertainment is music. However, there is a small caveat. People always recommend exercising to 'I'm so great, nothing can stop me' music. We think that is a little restrictive.

In our optional, the best music for running is the music that reflects your current state of mind. Feeling a bit down? Nothing wrong with running to a bit of Adele. Are you angry? Alanis Morriset can help you work through those feelings.

That is all because music and exercise combine to create phenomena that will change your life. Running is a great therapist aside from getting you to a body shape that you prefer. Exerting yourself while listening to music that feeds the negative feelings you are experiencing forces you to work through them.

When you get into running, you will notice this for yourself. You may start out listening to some enraged break-up song, but the emotion is processed by the end of your run, and you don't feel it anymore.

But regardless of your music choice, the right apparel and gear are essential for running and jogging.