Recovering From an Injury
May 11, 2023

Recovering From an Injury? Here’s How You Could Maintain your Level of Fitness

If you have a sports injury then there is a high chance that at some point, you will need to take some time off so you can relax and recover. If you do not want to stop exercising entirely then there are some ways that you can maintain your base fitness while also giving yourself the chance to recover from a sports injury. If you want to find out more then the only thing you have to do is take a look below.

Recovering From an Injury

Lower Back Injuries

Back injuries can be very difficult for you to recover from, so you have to take the time to talk with your doctor about the injury you have and any limitations you may experience with your exercise. You need to do this before you seek any alternative activities. Swimming, walking and even cycling are all very safe for you if you have a back injury. You may even find that it helps you to maintain your level of physical fitness as well, so make sure that you are mindful of that. If you need some help with your back, making a search online using the search term “chiropractor Manhattan” orchiropractor Downers Grove IL” or wherever you are located is sure to return results with a chiropractor close to your location.

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Maintaining your Base

Athletes who get injured often worry about losing fitness in the time that they spend away from training. At the end of the day, you have to remember that deconditioning or deteriorating is a fact of life and it will happen when you quit exercising. If you want to maintain your base layer of fitness then there are a few ways that you can stay active. Even if one part of your body is completely immobilized, you have to remember that there’s no reason why you can’t find another. It may be that you have to be a little bit creative or that you need to try and be flexible with trying new things. The key is for you to try and maintain the right attitude and that you are understanding of your tolerance level until you are fully healed. 

Ankle or Foot Injuries

If your foot or your ankle is injured then you do have a lot of options when it comes to exercise. If you have had your doctor approve it then you can sometimes use a rowing machine or even a stationary bike with one leg. You can also work with your trainer or your doctor to adopt some non-weight-bearing exercises so you can maintain your endurance. Circuit training is also a fantastic way for you to work out at the gym if you want to get the best result out of your routine.

Leg and Knee Injuries

Knee and leg injuries are limiting for a lot of athletes. If you look at any endurance exercises, you will see that they need flexion and extension of the joints. Developing a new routine can be frustrating, to say the least. Kayaking or even using an ergometer could all be options you can use. It really just comes down to what is going to work for you and what you can do to try and get the result you want out of your new routine.