7 minute workout
November 01, 2017

Quick 7 Minute Workout Schedule To Help You Stay Fit

Not have a ton of time in the day? Can't go to the gym or go for a run? Don't have an hour or more in your day to look after yourself? 

Well, the truth is, you must carve out some time (at least an hour) for your body if you want a better healthy life. (Most billionaires do, so really there's no excuse for you and me to not have at least an hour for our body) 

However, we get it. Shit happens. And you just can't spare a lot of time from your day to exercise. But as we know it's super important to stay fit if you want to perform your best at work. 

So what to do? Fret not. We're here to help. 

From the black hole of the internet, we've found this gem for you today. A chart. A chart that shows essential exercises you can do in 7 minutes or under to stay fit. This routine can also help you lose weight

It's called the 7-minute workout plan. This chart covers all the essential moves you need to make for overall toning of your body. From abs to triceps. This covers most parts of your body. (Don't expect to get a six pack from this!) 

Now, tell us, do you have 7 minutes in the morning? evening? just before you sleep? We all know you do have 7 minutes to your day. Right? (And if you don't, then show me a proof that you make trillions of dollars!) 

So, no more excuses from now on. Just spare 7 minutes from your day and get in the best shape of your life. 

And we promise, if you do this regularly, your body will feel absolutely amazing throughout the day, you'll feel more energetic and that will have a huge impact on your other parts of your life too. 

So, promise us that you'll print this chart out and paste on your room wall and start the routine immediately. 

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 Quick 7 minute workout to help you stat fit

7 Minute Workout To Help You Stay Fit