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Paleo or Keto, Which One Is Better For Losing Weight?

Paleo or Keto, Which One Is Better For Losing Weight?

Are you searching for a diet plan that will help you lose weight? Can’t you figure out which diet plan will be the best suit for you among many diet plans like paleo, keto, HCG, and so forth?

Well. You are not alone. Many people are also in your group out there. Finding out the best diet plan is not rocket science, but it takes time to gauge. However, among other weight loss diet plans, paleo and keto diet is considered to be the popular diet plans.

If you can maintain consistency with any diet plan to lose your extra weight, any diet plan among the two can bring the result for you. But you also have to consider which one is best for you. Some may go for a paleo diet while others may opt for keto. So, before taking the final decision, you need to know them, meaning which foods are allowed as well as prohibited in those diet plans.

Both diet plans are almost similar. Both restrict some of your favorite foods, such as pizza, cereal, cookies, and so on. In this short but informative article, I am going to tell you which diet plan will be a perfect choice for you and why. Before delving into more in-depth, let me tell you shortly about the keto and paleo diet.

Paleo diet or cavemen diet (Paleolithic diet)

Paleo or Keto, Which One Is Better For Losing Weight?

Paleo diet is nothing but mimicking the food habit of our ancestors. That’s why it’s another name is cavemen food. All you are allowed to eat when you are in the diet plan is to eat meat, fish, animal fat, tubers, wild berries, and so forth. Promoting optimal health is the primary goal of the paleo diet.

In this diet plan, you cannot eat grains, beans, and any farmed foods. In a word, you have to stick to only the pre-agriculture approach when it comes to eating anything. Menus may include fresh fruits and veggies, all kinds of nuts, fats from coconut oil, olive oil, sweet potatoes, cassava, rutabaga, pastured meat- fish, eggs, fed meat, etc.

At the same time, you also have to avoid some foods like legumes, dairy, refined sugar, anything processed, grains, vegetable oils that are produced industrially like soybean oil, safflower oil, etc.

I think this is enough for the paleo diet. Let’s talk about the keto diet.

Keto (Ketogenic) diet

Paleo or Keto, Which One Is Better For Losing Weight?

Keto diet resembles a few foods to the paleo diet and differs from another food habit. The primary purpose of a ketogenic diet is to promote the metabolic state in your body, which is called ketosis. Grains, sugar, legumes, industrial oils are restricted in this diet plan like paleo.

Keto is a high-fat diet that encourages you to consume high-fat but low-carbs. By burning the high fat when your body needs energy, it produces ketones. In your liver, ketones are produced and effortlessly convert into the required power to run your body.

Now is the time to determine which diet is better for losing weight, whether keto or paleo. Your purpose is to lose weight. You can opt for keto or paleo. Read on to the end so that you can understand and choose your suit.

So, which one is better for losing weight?

Well. The answer is pretty straightforward. For weight loss, keto is the winner. Now, let me tell you why I have considered keto to be the winner in the race of weight loss.



Paleo diet for weight loss

Paleo or Keto, Which One Is Better For Losing Weight?

All you need to confirm that you are just eating like your ancestors. But it does not guarantee that eating like your ancestors; you can lose weight as you need. Because the diet permits you to consume a lot of foods that are responsible for your weight gain. In this diet plan, you can eat lean protein, fruits, and vegetables as much as you wish to eat that can lead you to gain weight quickly.

All kinds of nuts and fruits are also allowed in this diet. But you can quickly gain extra weight by eating nuts and fruits. So, if you go for the paleo diet, chances are you can gain weight instead of losing weight.

Keto diet for weight loss

Paleo or Keto, Which One Is Better For Losing Weight?

When you are on the keto diet, you must stick to only 10% for carbs by calories. You can change another ratio of fat and protein if you want, but for low-carbs, it is fixed. Due to the low-carbs in keto, you may experience some health issues as well, including nausea, muscle cramping, headaches, and so on. You have to ensure a restful sleep at night and need to drink plenty of water to get rid of these health problems.

If you want to kill two birds with just one stone, the keto diet plan should come into action. Because by maintaining the diet plan, all you do is to burn more fat and consume fewer foods. In less than six months, you can lose more weight than a low-fat diet plan.

If you are planning for a long-term diet plan, the paleo diet may be the best option left for you. Otherwise, the paleo diet allows you to include lean protein, plenty of fruits, and vegetables. But for weight loss in the shortest possible time can be achieved, maintaining the rules of keto diet plan. Both reduce your weight. You have to consider which is better for you depending on the discussion mentioned earlier.