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Jumping Rope To Lose Weight Is It Effective?

Jumping Rope To Lose Weight Is It Effective?

Do you remember your childhood days? How you effortlessly enjoy jumping rope? How exciting it was doing with your friends.

Now the good news that old sport that enveloped your childhood with happiness is your sure ticket to your dream body. Jumping rope would help you to lose weight while having fun at it.

Jumping rope, amazingly, do not just stop at helping with weight loss. It helps you boost the heart, and also help with your general fitness.

Jumping rope to lose weight is it effective?

I understand that might be the next question on your mind, and this is why you've to read this article.

How jumping rope helps with weight loss

Jumping rope is such an effective way of loosing weight, and it has been confirmed to even have a comparative advantage over running as a weight loss plan.

It involves all the muscles of the body. It tones, conditions, shapes and strengthen the muscles of your hips, back, stomach, shoulder and buttocks.

Aside that, jumping rope is an easy, convenient and cheapest way of weight loss. And you don't have to do it for hours before you get results. Even a fifteen minute everyday plan would have a great impact on your weight.

It's also self progressive, you can always start with a low intensity, and then progress as you so wish to a more intense jumping rope workout. Remember the more muscles you involved, and the more intense it is, the more calories you burn.

How many calories does jumping rope burn

The degree to which jumping rope would help you burn calories is dependent on some personal factors. Your weight is a deciding factors on the amount of calories you'd burn, the more heavier, the more chances of burning higher calories.

Also, the speed at which you jump would have a direct impact on your calories burned level. An hour of jumping rope at a moderate pace might cause you to lose up to 700-900calories.

Also, there is an objective way of calculating calories burned, so as to be able to track your progress. The metabolic equivalent task (MET) is used in the calculation.

Tips to jump more effectively

  • Use high quality rope with the right measurement
  • Ensure gradual and progressive increase of intensity
  • Consider jumping barefooted as it'll help to strengthen your legs
  • Picking supportive jumping shoes (This article helps you to choose supportive pair of shoes)
  • There should be enough space created for your exercise so as not to get your rope stuck in the process
  • Jumping rope can be very demanding. Ensure a practice of warm up before each and every exercise
  • Avoid jumping too high
  • Practice more to get better at it
  • Always get enough and adequate rest


Can I burn calories jumping rope everyday? I used to wonder before I started relishing old times through my rope jumping weight loss workout plan.

And I hope this is adequate enough to convince of you its effectiveness and you can finally skipping your weight away.