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Is the Flywheel Home Bike Better Than the Peloton?

One of the best ways to keep fit is through cycling. For indoor cycling, there are several new models to choose from including the Peloton and Flywheel. People who live in remote places or those who want to train privately may opt for any of the above models.

If you have a busy schedule, you may not get time to go to the studio for training. But through a peloton or flywheel, you will get the same experience at home. Choosing the best option is not easy.

So, is the Flywheel home bike better than the Peloton? To know the best option for your needs, you may compare the two on the following basis.

Is the Flywheel Home Bike Better Than the Peloton?

  1.   Bike specifications

The cost of the bikes differs, with a Peloton costing around $1995 and a Flywheel $1699. Some people may prefer one over the other based on the prices. Other specifications to watch out for include the size, adjustable seats, and handlebars. It is also good to consider other features including built-in screen and speakers and signature bar weights. If you have an iPad, you do not need to get a tablet. The app is also available on Chromecast, Roku, and IOS android. 

  1.   Tracking statistics 

Through both apps, you can track the calories you burn each session. It is also possible to compare your performance with that of other people of the same age and gender to set the momentum. For the flywheel, you can use the Techpack to track your program anywhere, and the TorqBoard to compare statistics. Peloton has a customizable leaderboard that users may customize depending on their preferences.

  1.   Class options

Both the Peloton and Flywheel charge a monthly subscription of around $39. Flywheel gives clients who pay for the whole year a discount of one month. It is also relatively new and this is one of the ways to attract more clients. Peloton has been in operation for many years so it has more classes than Flywheel.

One can stream up to 14 rides per day. Flywheel offers four classes per day for five days, but one may request live classes from their top instructors. There are three main studio classes namely the method, power, and beats.

If you want to incorporate choreography in the training, you should opt for beats. With Flywheel, you also get training to strengthen your muscles, sculpt, and recover after training.

When choosing the best bike, ensure that you choose comfort and what works for you. Buying a bike involves a financial investment, but you are also investing in yourself. Remember to opt for a bike that helps you achieve your goals.

If possible, you should try both bikes to compare the features and other aspects before choosing one. You may also take the full class of both bikes to understand how they work.

Alternatively, you may navigate the apps to find out more about the bikes. Comparing both apps based on the above factors will enable you to choose the best bike. You may also read reviews and seek recommendations from experts, friends, or social media platforms.