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Is Plant-Based Collagen as Good as the Real Thing? Let’s Find Out

When it comes to the world of health and wellness there are a lot of awesome tools that people can use to reach their goals. Perhaps one of the most popular methods that the modern consumer uses in their health journey is supplements. Supplements are designed to help bring powerful nutrients into a person’s daily routine in a convenient way.

The truth about most supplemental products is that it’s technically possible to get the nutrition they offer without using them. The only problem is that most people’s schedules make it challenging to manage to put everything they need into their daily diets. Whether it’s a multivitamin pill, protein powder, or a superfood supplement, supplements can help people get what they need, on the go.

One of the most powerful supplements that focus on whole-body wellness that people need especially as they grow older, is collagen. Collagen is one of the main structural proteins that make up supportive tissue throughout the body. Without collagen, people wouldn’t be able to enjoy healthy joints, skin, or even bones. The interesting thing about collagen is that it is incredibly important for a person’s overall health, and yet as people grow older they produce less of it.

This is one of the reasons why aging is associated with certain conditions like joint pain, bone weakness, or even depreciation in skin quality. While these changes are natural as the human body ages, collagen is a protein that can be taken supplementally or through a person’s diet. Traditionally, the main method of getting supplemental collagen into a person’s diet was through animal sources, with bone broth being one of the most effective ways. This protein was easily accessible through certain dishes, especially soups that utilized bone broth, and this was a great choice in the past.

Now, thanks to advancements in the nutritional world, vegan collagen is something that can be produced and used topically like in skin care products. Collagen itself is something that can help people in various form factors such as topical creams, powdered supplements, or even vegan collagen beauty products.

If you have been curious about what vegan collagen is, here is everything you need to know!

Plant-Based Collagen

What Exactly is Vegan Collagen?

As the name implies, vegan collagen is going to be the collagen protein that is non-animal sourced. This source of collagen is synthesized using a plant fermentation process that creates this triple helix protein. The benefit of using vegan collagen is that it is animal-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. This means that it’s a product people can use without worry and it brings a high-quality result to the table as well.

Does Vegan Collagen Actually Work?

One of the biggest reasons that people will seek out a collagen supplement, or food that contains collagen, is that it provides such powerful support for connective tissue. One of the biggest advantages of using collagen is that it can help support strong, healthy skin. True plant-based vegan collagen has been shown in clinical trials to create 20x improvement in skin moisturization, as well as improving skin elasticity by 28% in two weeks.

These are some pretty incredible results that provide a strong case for why vegan collagen is effective. Vegan collagen can be topically applied, and even infused into beauty products. This creatively gives cosmetics a way of helping improve your overall health with products like body butter, eye cream, and skin care.

What’s more, is that these vegan collagen skin products can be used with whatever other skin care products are already in your regimen. The reason for using vegan collagen skin care products for your skin needs is that collagen has been shown to be a powerful protein that helps people have younger, more vibrant, and stronger skin.

Collagen skin care products allow people the opportunity to benefit from collagen without having to integrate it into their diet. Vegan collagen is unique, in that provides people with a powerful way of supporting their skin without compromising with animal products.

Benefits of Collagen

Collagen is not only been shown to help support the body’s structural tissues like skin, joints, and bones but it is also thought to be linked to a host of other benefits. Collagen is thought to help support muscle mass and recovery, as well as support heart health. This incredible protein is also thought to help support good gut health and play a role in strong, vibrant hair and nail growth.


Collagen supplements are most often derived from animal products, which can heavily limit people from enjoying their benefits. Thankfully, vegan collagen is a great source of supplemental collagen that has been shown to effectively improve skin health in important ways. If you have been wanting to support your whole body wellness in new ways, you should check out vegan collagen products.