Is Coolsculpting A Potent Solution For Flabby Arms?
August 13, 2021

Is Coolsculpting A Potent Solution For Flabby Arms?

Potent Solution For Flabby Arms

Do your arms jiggle when you wave? Do you think your genetics have a role to play in making you predisposed to having fatty arms forever? We are here to help you out today. Let us begin by revealing to you that you can get rid of your plump arms. 

Excess fat on certain body parts like the chin, stomach, hips, thighs, and arms refuses to leave our body sometimes. This fat is stubborn in nature and no matter how hard you try, it stays. Many of you may have tried swimming, yoga, jogging, gymming, aerobics, and even dieting, but none of these seem to work.

Even if you notice some results, the minute you stop practicing the techniques, the fat piles back on. That is because these techniques reduce the fat cells’ size and do not eliminate them from your body.

Thus, try CoolSculpting for the Arms as it kills the stubborn fat cells responsibly, without harming your body. This non-invasive treatment aims to reduce fat from the targeted areas in your arms. Here is why it is a potent solution for toning your flabby arms. Also, the coolsculpting center in Atlanta is one of the best places to go for this treatment. This center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and experienced professionals who can help you achieve your desired results.

A sculpted appearance to your arms 

Before we go into explaining coolsculpting to you, we must tell you how you got flabby arms in the first place. For some of you, genetics may play a big part for fat to collect in your upper arms, besides the skin losing its elasticity as you age. Collagen, as you may know, renders the skin elastic and firm. But when collagen breaks down in your arms, it gives you the unavoidable bat wings. 

The non-invasive technique of coolsculpting bypasses the healthy cells of your skin. Later, it freezes and demolishes the fat cells. This revolutionary procedure uses cryolipolysis, also known as a form of cold therapy, to banish the fat cells. 

There are no needles or incisions involved, and neither do you take long to recover. You notice the collagen thickening, which leads to reduced sagging and tighter pulling of your skin. Hence, you get sculpted arms.

Makes the fat cells in the arm die

Let us be honest with you about coolsculpting. This technique is not any form of surgical liposuction. Hence, during the procedure, you will not notice any fat removal. But, within 1-3 months you will witness the apparent results as the fat cells die and pass from the body through the body’s lymphatic system.

At the most, you can expect as much as 25 percent reduction in the fat cells with coolsculpting in your arms. However, this percentage will vary depending on your body’s response to the process and biological factors. We repeat that coolsculpting is not a tool for weight loss and only eliminates fat.

Fat cells in your arms are gone forever 

Coolsculpting involves placing a unique applicator and gel pad on your arm and armpits. The area where these things will be placed will have stubborn fat deposits. While the doctor is at it, you can enjoy, relax, snooze, or check emails. In 35-60 minutes, you are going to notice a remarkable difference that will keep improving over the upcoming months. 

The number of sessions you will require to achieve optimum outcomes in your arms will depend on the fat volume. The treatment provides stunning results to individuals who have relatively toned and firm skin. If cold conditions like urticaria or paroxysmal cryoglobulinemia have affected you, then coolsculpting will not work. Also, if you have adipose tissues in high volumes, we recommend getting an arm lift or liposuction. 

This technique will naturally eliminate the fat cells over a time period and will never cause them to return. The fat cells causing the arm flabbiness will be gone, and not just reformed. 

No skin sagging as a side-effect 

Rapid weight gain and weight loss develop skin sagging. The sagging may also happen because of procedures like brachioplasty (arm lift) and plastic surgery. However, coolsculpting is different from a surgical procedure. It freezes the fat and destroys excess fat from inside. As a result, the subcutaneous fat stays unharmed. You will not require any postoperative healing or surgery. 

Once the treatment works on the fat cells, they begin imploding and convert into waste material. Your system removes them naturally, making sure that the treated fat cells disappear. The gradual removal of excess fat deposits gives your skin time to adjust to the remaining fat. Hence, there is no sagging.

Why is coolsculpting the preferred choice for flabby arms?

Many people tend to use collagen-boosting or skin-tightening treatments to treat the sagging arm skin. But, coolsculpting results in NO loose skin after the completion of the session. It does not change the arm’s curvature and shape that any extensive surgery may cause. Besides the benefits mentioned above, we will give you a round-up of advantages it has. Read on.

  • Coolsculpting uses an applicator that shaves away excess fat from the arm in a precise manner. 
  • The cooling applicator works on the desired frustrating fat area to cool the underlying fatty tissue without damaging other tissues. 
  • With the help of vacuum pressure, the cup draws the tissue between cooling panels. Hence, it delivers controlled calming conditions that eliminate the fat cells after targeting them.
  • Precise cooling of the fat cells in your arms triggers a natural removal process. Therefore, you observe the gradual reduction of the fat layer’s thickness. 
  • There are no side-effects.
  • The non-invasive process leaves no scars, requires no anesthesia, and definitely no extensive surgeries. 

The verdict 

With fast recovery, no down-time, and permanent results in the long run, coolsculpting is definitely one of the potent solutions for flabby arms. You can get it done at any day by taking a small break but head back to your life right after the treatment is over. We say go get those athletic arms because coolsculpting is pain-free, affordable, and unbeatable compared to other processes. We hope you liked reading our blog, but if there’s anything you would like us to add, feel free to comment down below.