How To Use Spin Bikes For Beginner
March 20, 2019

How To Use Spin Bikes For Beginner

If you are a spin bike beginner, there probably is a lot more for you to know before you actually start calling yourself a professional.

Spin bikes have been in the picture for a really long time and with the passing time, we are learning a lot more about these bikes and how they actually help a person with his exercises.

Stationary bikes are a really great choice if you are looking for a cardio workout or just starting off with your exercise. While using a spin bike, you are getting all the benefits which you could get from different machines.

How To Use Spin Bikes For Beginner

Beginners might, however, face a few hardships with spin bikes because all of this is new and actually need some expertise and understanding before you just begin pedalling the bike. Now the main thing is, how to use spin bikes for beginners?

It really isn’t hard if you know just properly how to do it and if you do, welcome to the club. And if not, then we are here to help you off with some quick tips to use spin bikes for beginners.

In this post, we have shared some of the quickstart tips with you which would help you in starting off with spinning routines and getting everything done properly.

By following these tips on a routine, you can get off the best from spin bikes on a daily basis.

So, let’s start:

How to kick off the spin bike workout?

Before you actually start grinding, make sure that you have adjusted your bike properly, which does include adjusting the resistance and all the other elements of the spin bike.

First of all, find a resistance which allows you to work at the suggested rate of the RPE on a scale of 1 to 10. BY RPE, we mean how hard it feels to work at a certain level of resistance which you have chosen and if it feels hard, we recommend going back on the resistance and speed so that you don’t hurt your muscles in the process. And if that’s too easy, increase the resistance.

Now the other thing which we find worth mentioning is that your legs might actually get tired if you are not used to the bike. It happens and is actually bound to happen. To build your endurance, it takes some time, so we recommend going long and not giving up. Add a little more time to each workout and make it worthwhile. However, don’t forget to stop when you are really tired.

Make sure you follow the same workout for about three times a week with, say a day of rest between them. Each day, progress your workout by adding a few minutes to the same until you are up to 30 minutes. Also, stretch your lower body after the workout.

Progressing the Workout

Once you are able to do it for about 20 minutes, try adding some more minutes to your workout and make sure you do this every week. You can also add more minutes every time just so to get the hang of it.

Once you are doing the 30-minute workout, you are getting the minimum recommended amount of exercise per day which would help you build yourself from now on.

Don’t just stick in using the stationary bike as it is great to try on the different activities which would help you get your body in a really great shape. Avoid injuries, always and try out different machines which are going to get you a great workout.

We always recommend testing out different machines that you are going to find interesting and worth trying.

Keep this kind of schedule for the whole week and the full duration of your workouts.

How To Use Spin Bikes For Beginner