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How To Stay Motivated During Your Fitness Journey

As the euphoria of the New Year wears off many of you may be feeling less and less motivated during your fitness journey.  Most times it’s because results aren’t coming in nearly as fast as you would like which leaves you feeling a bit disappointed and definitely less motivated than when you started.

Don’t give up now! 

Here is the cold hard truth….results are slow.

But that doesn’t mean that all the work you are putting in is for nothing. Your body is going through changes and if you stick with things you will see results soon enough. So I have put together a little system to help you stay motivated.

What You Will Need to Create a Reward Jar

  • Notecard
  • Pen
  • Tape
  • Notebook
  • Mason Jar

1. Focus on the Action

Instead of focusing on your big goal focus on all the little actions that will help you reach your goal. For example, focus on eating healthy, working out consistently and getting enough sleep at night.

Working out shouldn’t be a chore, you do not even need to go to the gym. There are plenty of workout apps that will help you get in shape at home based on your particular needs and history.

2. Give Each Action a Reward

Now give each action a dollar amount. Eating a healthy breakfast may be 50 cents while working out consistently for 3 days in a row may be $1.

Every single time you do something on your chart drop the associated reward amount into the jar. Write this on your note card and tape it to your jar so you know just how much to put in the jar.

Your jar will begin to fill up quickly offering you just the right amount of motivation and reward to keep you going.

3. Empty Your Jar

Once you have filled up your jar for the week or month it’s time to empty it out.   You can do just about anything with your reward money. I do advise against using your money for a food based reward.

Take your money and do something nice for yourself or that compliments your new healthier lifestyle. A great way to reward all of your hard work is with some new custom workout clothes.

4. Log It

Every time you empty your jar keep a little log of how much was in it and what you spent it on. You can look back over this to help give you a little boost of motivation and encouragement that you are working hard toward your goal.

You can also use this visual to see all that you have achieved even if it isn’t reflected on the scale just yet.

How To Stay Motivated During Your Fitness Journey