How to Sleep With Shoulder Pain?
September 05, 2020

How to Sleep With Shoulder Pain?

Our comfort and the health of the whole organism directly depend on the position in which we sleep and what we do before getting into a soft, warm bed. But what if you wake up with shoulder pain? There are several reasons why you can experience such an inconvenience.

The Bed Is Either Too Soft or Too Hard

An orthopedically wrong bed can make it difficult not only to sleep but also may lead to spine and shoulders problems. Especially old beds often sag in the middle, so the spine takes on an unnatural position. So, do not be surprised if you feel pain and discomfort in your shoulders and back when you wake up. The best option would be a bed that is configurable in the shoulder area.

The Mattress Alone Will Not Solve All Problems

If you ask a consultant of a furniture salon about the basis of comfortable sleep, the answer will always be the mattress. Of course, the mattress plays a very important role, hence the wide range of prices for this product.

In general, to choose a proper mattress, you have to follow some aspects:

  • The correct mattress should match exactly your needs;
  • It shouldn’t be too hard or too soft;
  • The proper mattress should support the body, ensuring the anatomically correct position of the spine.

Usually, the right mattress is slightly softer in the shoulder area so that the shoulder comfortably lies into the mattress, and does not bulge up or to the side, causing deformation of the body and circulatory disorders.

The Head and Neck Do Not Relax

Many are familiar with the ‘numb neck’ phenomenon when it is impossible to turn the head or when this movement is difficult and followed by pain. These symptoms persist for hours and days, and over time, the pain can become chronic.

This article is written and provided by Catherine Rodgers. Dr. Rodgers specializes in sleeping disorders and dedicated more than 10 years of her life to studying and exploring how to deal with apnea, insomnia, snoring, and other sleeping problems

Its better to use the essential oil to avoid the chronic pain

How to Sleep With Shoulder Pain?