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How to Mix Fitness Activity with Motherhood

How to Mix Fitness Activity with Motherhood

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Do you ever feel that balancing motherhood and fitness is a mission impossible for you as a mother? Take it from me; you can achieve this! The most challenging aspect to new moms when trying to get back in shape after pregnancy is time, not lack of motivation, sleep deprivation, or even fatigue - it is time Finding time for fitness after pregnancy is not natural.

If you barely have time for dressing or washing your hair, how will you get time for fitness? As a stay at home mother, you can try midday workouts when your toddler is taking a nap. For working moms, try exercises during lunch breaks.

Balancing fitness with motherhood will work out successfully if you can incorporate time into your schedule. Below we have tips and suggestions to help you regain the right fitness after pregnancy.

Staying Active After Pregnancy

Usually, for some weeks after giving birth, you always feel sleep-deprived and exhausted. Don't just relax and sleep all through - that can hurt your shape. It would help if you stay active; try walking, whether around the house or garden.

If you have some other kid(s) with you, buy a toddler bike for the older one. Including your newborn in your after pregnancy fitness is very critical. Walk the stroller as you also take some lunges.

Have a Sense of Independence

Have you ever found yourself feeling guilty, yet you've done nothing wrong? It happens! If you are among the moms who experience guilty conscience with unending postpartum memories, know that you can live your life as a great mom.

If you have a partner with you at ay moment, the better because you can confidently leave him with the child as you take a walk to the grocery store. Remember, the first step to loving your child is taking care of yourself.

Create a Family Fitness Goal

Never forget that! Family can stand together to fight obesity; motherhood is more than just taking care of a newborn. You can walk along with your children and your partner towards a common fitness objective.

Consider a family hobby that involves exercises like biking, hiking, and more. If you have no idea about which family exercise route you should take, fitness sites like Total Shape offers a variety of exercise routines for the family.

How to Mix Fitness Activity with Motherhood

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Postpartum Fitness After Pregnancy Activities You Should Try

In addition to finding the best postpartum fitness center withing your locality, consider the following health care approved specific exercises:

●       Kegel exercises. These kinds of workouts can help you tone the bladder muscles and lower the risks accompanying the childbirth. You will further be able to manage those leaks that happen when sneezing, laughing, or picking the up the baby. Usually, practice when in the bathroom, try to control the flow of urine. Manipulate your muscles till the stream stops temporarily.

●       Pelvic Tilt. Try pelvic tilt! Kind of exercise we do with the intent of strengthening the abdominal muscle. For you to do this exercise successfully, lie on your back, and bend your knees. Bend your pelvis up carefully, tighten the abdominal muscles, and then flatten your back. Hold for some seconds and repeat the procedures several times.

●       The Happy Baby Yoga Pose.This pose helps the pelvic muscle to relax and ease the postpartum pelvic floor pain. Usually, during childbirth, the pelvic muscle tightens and becomes so painful. To do it, you lie on your back and hold your knees towards your chest. Further, keep the knees on your chest and let your feet face up as you open them gently. The happy baby yoga an important as a form of return to fitness after pregnancy program.

How to Mix Fitness Activity with Motherhood

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Dance With Kids

Ever known how dancing can transform your body shape? Lose your self by dancing to the music that will help you burn excess calories. Let your kids join you and enjoy the dance party together. Get inspirations from videos and recordings you fancy! That will help you and benefit the kids too!

However, make sure your kinds are safe. You can checkout toddler helmets | My Babies Planet for options for good toddler helmets


Time is the main challenge when starting fitness exercises after pregnancy, but then it is something you can overcome. Make sure you first have all the baby products from the top-mom store, which will keep the toddler engaged and allow you time for exercises. If you have any questions, suggestions, or any advice about what we have discussed in this article, contact us, we highly value our readers' feedback!

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