How to Build a Career as a Freelance Personal Trainer
May 14, 2021

How to Build a Career as a Freelance Personal Trainer

If you're a qualified personal trainer, or interested in becoming certified, then we're sure the prospect of easing restrictions allowing you to train indoors or outdoors with others is eagerly awaited. But, after months away from teaching in-person, are you ready to find clients and grow your business?

You may have been teaching online classes this year, but now you need to retain these clients, recruit new trainees, and prepare for the easing of lockdown. If you’re a PT looking to hit these goals, then why not join an All in One Platform for Personal Trainers?

Why become a freelance PT

There is financial certainty that comes with being employed by a gym, but your earnings are often capped or shared with your employer and the number, and demographic, of clients is dictated by members at your gym or health club. Becoming a freelance PT puts you in control of your fitness business and offers the flexibility to manage your own schedule and choose your own hours.

You even get to choose the venue! However, with all these benefits there comes a worry that you won't be able to find clients or gain enough advertising for your personal training brand online. You might also lack marketing or sales skills.

Introducing DareBear UK

The good news is that there is a new start-up in London that solves a lot of issues and unites fitness community! DareBear is an online platform ready to connect your fitness services with local clients (through in-person classes) or national trainees (by video call). DareBear is open to all PTs across the UK and actively promoting its platform to potential clients already.

How can DareBear grow your PT business?

DareBear offers the perfect way to build clientele and grow your PT business by managing your booking confirmations and payments while you focus on training. To show their commitment to the growth of your PT business they even generate reports of your earnings and bookings, so you can easily see your strengths and gaps for growth.

The in-built review system also boosts your profile by engaging new trainees, so you'll have an online presence and a growing pool of loyal clients in no time. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs as they only make a small commission when you're turning a profit. 

Keep reading to learn how you can join the platform.

How do I join DareBear?

  • Visit to sign up.
  • Then, upload your qualifications. On your trainer profile clients should be able to see your bio and certifications — the more information they see, the more likely they are to book your classes!
  • Next, upload your classes and sessions. By providing a detailed and engaging description, your potential clients will be able to find the most suitable class and reach their potential with your expertise.
  • Finally, watch your freelance PT business grow! As soon as you complete your account, you'll gain full access to the platform: post classes, receive online bookings, get paid through the online payment system, easily communicate with your clients, and manage your bookings in real-time.

Why not visit and start living the new training experience with DareBear today? You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook to be the first to hear announcements, ask questions, and join a vibrant community of health and fitness enthusiasts.

How to Build a Career as a Freelance Personal Trainer