Does Kratom really helps Athletes to burst out in sports?
January 29, 2019

Does Kratom really helps Athletes to burst out in sports?

Nowadays, Kratom is one of the herbs that is getting highlighted every now and then, capturing a space for itself in the spectrum.

I have very much heard about Kratom, being a legal plant substance that can make you high and provide relief from pain, anxiety and depression.

As far as the sports world is concerned, I don’t really feel painkillers are given the much-needed attention. Personally, I regard the painkillers like Nubain and Vicodin to be lame since they don't enhance the body functions.

But numerous Sports and fitness article writers stress on how important the painkillers are to a sports person. But I am largely not inclined towards them though they make a person play in severe cases.

With that being said, Kratom bursting into the sports world was an expected event to me. But what really surprised me is that Kratom is so widespread and is taking the West by storm in medicine and cosmetics.

So I understood it is important that we grasp the effects of Kratom on sports persons, by witnessing it closely rather than hearing stories from unknown people.

What it is about Kratom use in Sports?

This post is a direct report on the Kratom effects, experienced by my friend who is a sports person. I have seen the developments closely and would like to share it with you all for the purpose of insight and not as any form of guidance.

Before we get into that, I did research on the history of Kratom and was baffled to learn certain things that go down to centuries.

Kratom was first discovered in the Southeast Asian Countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and the islands surrounding it. People those days used to chew on the leaves of Kratom since it made them high and also provided them with energy to work hard on the fields.

Well, it was an affordable way to smoke something similar to the opium drugs. Selling and buying Kratom online is legal in the United States, the tolerance effect of this plant depends on the amount of usage by the user.

The effects of Kratom are due to the set of alkaloids present in them, out of which Mitragynine is the most dominant one.

There are more than 35 alkaloids in Kratom whose boundaries haven’t been researched so far. The availability of different strains of Kratom corresponds to the place of origin and the change in alkaloid composition, making them effective for different purposes.

Let's not get to the different strains now. My friend, who is an athlete ingested the different strains Kratom (the ones best suited for painkilling and relaxation) bought from a particular seller for weeks.

Were the effects real?

I was sceptical about the effects in the initial phases. But I could realize that Kratom had the very effects to mask off pain and it did play a role in the relaxation of muscles, according to my friend.

So the effects can be deemed as something mild enough. With respect to pain, Kratom is just similar to its opium counterparts, but in a natural way. You might ask what difference does it make? but Kratom can surely elevate your mood gradually, serving to be a perfect choice for depression and anxiety.

The stimulating effect doesn’t bring in drowsiness like other opium drugs is what my friend claimed. Though my friend wasn’t subjected to intense pain, the effect of Kratom wasn’t that evident on him.

However, some of our friends who have arthritis and suffer from chronic pain, heap huge praises on Kratom. They have experienced better results, making their condition stable and better than before.

Kratom Research and Outlets

Having done my research on Kratom and the experimentation to understand its effects on athletes, I feel Kratom could be an eye-opener for athletes as far as pain is concerned.

With less pain, it could make them train harder and faster by building their confidence in a positive mood. However, it can never be touted as a replacement to the social drugs out there.

Though Kratom could develop dependency, one reason why it has become a huge hit with athletes is because it never alters the physical functions of the body negatively.

It does help with pain but it doesn’t affect the performance in any way. However, it is not an easy ride with Kratom since the herb hasn’t been researched to the core.

There is so much evidence needed to prove if the drug isn’t causing any negative effects. This unsure status has forced the anti-doping agencies to corner Kratom into the list of drugs that are prohibited for use by sports persons.

The FDA and the DEA are fighting out to make Kratom a controlled substance. However, Kratom is illegal in some parts of the States even today.

So if you are an athlete and wish to try Kratom, check if you could use the drug without any consequences.

As discussed earlier, Kratom can be quite effective as a painkiller, while it needs more research to understand how the plant could benefit sports persons.

Most people who use Kratom don't realize it can be just as addictive as illegal opiates. If you or a loved one is struggling with Kratom addiction we recommend you enter an outpatient program in Bellevue