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Do Diet Pills Really Work?

Being overweight or obese is a psychological burden as much as it is a physical burden.

This could account for the reason why people who are pretty aware that there cannot be a better alternative to weight loss other than cutting down on the food intake and exercising and making it a lifestyle change that you follow for a long time resort to the use of over the counter diet pills.

The diet pills market seems to be overflowing with a number of pills that are licensed as well as those that are unregulated which could be hazardous for use. Learn more at There are also certain banned diet pills doing the rounds through certain websites that still sell these diet pills.

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Helpful diet pills

Most of the times you are likely to come across persons who suggest that diet pills are a waste and you cannot expect any positive effects. But this is not entirely true.

These persons who call the diet pills a waste is because they use the diet pill carelessly or as an excuse to refrain from exercise or following a balanced diet plan.

When the diet pill is taken without proper backing up in the form of exercise or diet plan, you would be wiping out the benefits that the diet pill can offer.

You can make the diet pills work for you and in a positive way if the dosage is low and if it is used as a boost to the weight loss regimen. 

The ingredients and their effectiveness

Though there are a number of diet pills with different active ingredients, there are certain ingredients that are considered to be very effective in boosting the weight loss results. but, in this light, it is important to notice that there might be certain ingredients like DNP that can be very effective in weight loss but the chemical could be really toxic.

Therefore, it is important to consider diet pills in terms of not only the effectiveness of the ingredients but also associated with comparatively lesser side effects. Some of the safe ingredients used in diet pills include

  • Green tea extract
  • Garlic extract
  • Chromium
  • Fish oil
  • Vitamin D
  • Caffeine


How can you say that the diet pills work?

Most of the diet pills in the market work based on three mechanisms.

  • The diet pills usually raise the body temperature. This means that you would be able to burn about a hundred or so calories a day.
  • The diet pills are known to supply you with more energy. This would help you to exert more muscular power which will help you to exercise better and also reduce the recovery time considerably.  That is why the pre-workout formula diet pills are used extensively to achieve the bodybuilding goals. As a diet pill, it can burn more energy even when you engage in no n-exercise activities like just walking around.
  • The diet pills suppress your appetite.  When you eat less, you would naturally lose weight. But, it is important to note that the little you eat is truly a balanced food that is rich in nutrition.

The increase in the body temperature happens entirely due to the diet pill. But, this is just a minor benefit. The second factor which deals with extra energy supply and burning the extra calories even with the simple activities.

This benefit is quite significant than the first mechanism. But,  it necessarily manifests only when you engage in activity or exercise of some sort. Last but not least, the third mechanism is suppressing the hunger making you eat less.

But again, what type of food you take as well as restricting yourself by eating less does have a role to play in the effectiveness of the diet pill.

So, you can safely conclude that diet pills do work, but only when it is taken in the right way and as a boost to the diet-exercise regimen for weight loss.