Best Sports Conditioning
December 26, 2022

Chiro Care: Best Sports Conditioning For Better Performance

Athletes are hard on their bodies. They push themselves to be the best at all times. With the help of sports conditioning offered through a chiropractor, an athlete will find they perform better. What are some ways a chiropractor can improve an athlete's performance? 

Balance and Agility

Athletes who are seeing a chiropractor find their balance and agility improve. They are more coordinated. They see these benefits because the care they receive from a chiropractor strengthens their musculoskeletal system. This makes it easier for them to maintain their balance. 

Functioning of the nervous system improves, which is important because this system controls movement. The athlete can better coordinate the movements of their body. In addition, the ability to move rapidly increases with chiropractic care. 

Reduced Recovery Time

Even with regular training, athletes may find they are sidelined with an injury. Professional athletes have personal trainers working with them daily, and they still suffer injuries. It's just the nature of the game. 

However, when an injury keeps a person from engaging in a sport they love, they want to recover in the shortest time possible. A chiropractor can help with this goal. With a spinal adjustment or other chiropractic care, the injury heals in less time. 

This care allows the central nervous system to communicate with other parts of the body. Individualized exercises help the body heal and recover. The athlete won't be sedentary as the body recovers because the chiropractic care will allow the athlete to remain more active. 

Better Range of Motion

When a person is stiff, they aren't as flexible. They become more prone to injury and find they don't perform as well when engaging in sports. Often, this stiffness comes because the athlete trained or played too hard and their muscles were overused. Athletes from around Port City are explained by their Alexandria chiropractor how to improve their range of motion through a variety of exercises, stretches, and adjustments. By incorporating these techniques into an athlete's training regimen, flexibility and mobility will increase. This leads to better performance on the field or court.

Muscle stiffness also occurs when a person takes a break from training and doesn't ease back into the sport. They jump right in and their muscles let them know they have overdone it. The chiropractor works to keep the muscles limber to increase range of motion. They do so by targeting specific groups of muscles. 

Natural Care

When a person sees a chiropractor, they get relief from whatever ails them without the use of medication. While medication can be of help in temporarily reducing pain, the athlete must deal with the accompanying side effects. When an athlete is in pain, this interferes with their training schedule. 

The chiropractor addresses this pain without the use of medications. There are no side effects seen with chiropractic care, so an athlete won't worry about violating any rules established by the sport and will get the relief they need. 

Improved Reaction Time

Athletes must react quickly when playing a sport. When a person is sore and tired, their reaction time decreases. This can lead to an injury, the loss of a sporting match, and more. A study was conducted in the early 1990s, which found that athletes receiving chiropractic care scored better on the Index of Average Athletic Ability Improvement. This index measures an athlete's reaction times, agility, power, balance, and more. 

Every person who engages in a sport should consider seeing a chiropractor. The benefits that come with doing so far outweigh the costs. The athlete gains an advantage on the playing field and will improve their performance in countless ways. As there are no side effects seen with chiropractic treatments, this is one option every athlete should try at least once.