Cardio Workouts On the Run
October 22, 2019

Cardio Workouts On the Run

To keep up with a healthy lifestyle and remain happy, it is recommended that you do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily. No excuses, if you prefer workouts at home or on the go, apps like the 30 day fitness challenge, have plenty of cardio workouts for men like this one.

Whether you aim to lose body mass or get an active morning, there are several workouts that are ideal for the masculine body. We have collected a few of the most effective exercises for those who only have a few minutes for cardio.

Hill Sprints

Short, high-energy sprints are quite effective to give you the desired results. As much as it could be tiring, it is an excellent way to keep your blood pumping and get your brain ready for a new day. Hill sprints will get your body out of its comfort zone and even allow for some leg toning.


The most recorded benefit of cycling is its ability to train your body to last long on the wheel. It is an excellent cardio for weight loss and is also useful in building your lower body. Research shows that depending on your body weight, you can lose between almost 1,000 calories in an hour’s cycling. You could even make it a dad-son morning thing!

Cardio Workouts On the Run


Men above 40, this is for you! Swimming is a highly recommended cardio regime for men starting from around 40 until old age. It keeps every part of your body active just like a tough trail running. Swimming also exercises your heart and lungs, which improves your heart rate and breathing. It is popularly termed as having chlorine for breakfast.


This is an effective way to work the upper and lower section of your body. It works your endurance as well, unlike most popular exercises. Boxing can turn you into an ideal energy-efficient body.

Stair Running

Another great cardio workout is the stair running exercise. At a moderate pace, an average man can burn about 600 calories. It involves more activity than walking as the legs are lifted to great heights. However, if you have a bad knee, this could not be one of your best options.

HIT Workouts

High-intensity training (HIT) gives you an all-round hard work out. You burn a good amount of calories and fat, as you work your joints and sweat out the excess fats.

Running Track

This is one of the best workouts that actually works for everyone. Whether you are a hobby runner, an athlete or you just want to get yourself in shape, the track is one of the best places to work out and be in peace. You do not always need a coach; you only need commitment.

Cardio Workouts On the Run


For any effective workout, you need consistency. Scheduling a 30-minute workout with either of the above cardio, or a combination of two will help improve your health and enhance your work production levels. Nothing that lasts comes easy, but it only needs you to start today.

Cardio Workouts On the Run