Best Healthy Habits for Young Men
May 14, 2020

Best Healthy Habits for Young Men

Experts are urging people always to embrace healthy habits. Yet, most men in their 20’s do not care much about their health and lifestyle decisions. There is a significant impact on how well men live later in life based on health decisions made when young.

Students especially may face money problems, romantic challenges, and pressure to achieve more, affecting their focus on health.  To make it easier for them, here we highlight the simple and best healthy habits that are beneficial for young men.

Best Healthy Habits for Young Men

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Eating healthy

Many college students have poor dietary habits that are linked to unhealthy weight later in life. It is tempting for them to normalize poor diet as they get food from vending machines and cafeteria around colleges. Most may not feel an immediate effect due to proper metabolism, which is not the case as they age.

To avoid adverse effects, young men need to eat plenty of veggies and fruits. A balanced diet should be taken during all the meals ensuring there are recommended proportions of starch, proteins, and vitamins. The same will continue effortlessly once healthy habits are developed when young.

Exercise regularly

Though many students live an active life, some forget to integrate exercise into their daily routine. Parties are a common thing on campus, and young men should find time to exercise post that to offset the calories accumulated during such events. Regular exercises have health benefits that help fight both stress and depression that young men may face.

Young men should take advantage of the energy they have now to develop a regular exercise routine. Waiting to start in later life becomes tough, but once developed soon, it becomes difficult to give up due to psychological and physical benefits that are evident.

Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking are common among student young men. The peer pressure plus the newly acquired freedom away from the parents could be attributed to the change of behavior. In China, 21% of students in colleges are smokers, despite the well-known dangers to many.

In US states and other countries, it is common for people to smoke and drink in moderation, but starting earlier could mean loss of control as days go by.  Young men should thus avoid smoking and drinking at all costs. If one is already in it, they should take it in moderation. In any case, young men could take advantage of saving money.

Not pushing too hard

Many young men stay in perfect shape throughput at an early age. However, few who perceive to be different tend to push too hard beyond the healthy levels. While it is advisable to keep fit, one should know their ability and exercise within their reach. Note that the objective can be achieved little by little.

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Young men need to be realistic regarding their expectations in life. Many commit suicide as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and failure to meet certain things in life. Learning how to manage expectations is essential to healthy living among the young. Instead of pushing hard, practice slowly while being optimistic.

Best Healthy Habits for Young Men

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Daily meditation is packed with health benefits that no young man should ignore. It is a way of disciplining the mind to think right amid all the challenges experienced by the young in the 21st century. Many lose hope in life simply because of the inability to feel right. Meditating solves all as it improves attention and memory.

Apart from increasing willpower among young men, meditation slows down diseases such as dementia later in life. To get started, one should set aside mediation time at a small pace. Students should schedule it as part of their daily busy routine. In case it does not work, trying guided meditation could help develop the habit.

Visiting the doctor for a routine check-up

Young men tend to neglect their health as opposed to women. Visiting doctor for regular check-up help diagnose some diseases that could be deeply hidden in the body and better diagnosed and treated earlier. Cancer, for instance, can stay long in the body before it is known, early detection of which could lead to successful treatment.

As a young man, therefore, you should make time to go for check-ups. Any advice given by the doctor should be followed to help in living a healthier life. Addressing health issues as soon as they arise would help the students to live a long and happier life.


Practicing the best healthy habits is fundamental to a long and happy life among young men. Students need to be aware that the choices made now have a great impact on how well they live in the future.

Appreciating the above habits is quite more natural when done earlier in life as it becomes effortless even in middle and older age. The students should thus strive to always achieve their goals with the main focus on healthy living.

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Healthy Habits for Young Men