Dumbbell Deadlifts
July 16, 2019

Benefits of Dumbbell Deadlifts

When it comes to exercising in general and weight lifting in particular, there are very few that are not worth doing. The main thing to consider is what you are trying to achieve, what area of your body you want to work on, your endurance, and so on.

Today we will focus on one lifting exercise in particular. Dumbbell or DB deadlift is a variation of the more common barbell lift. This exercise differs from barbell lifting primarily as it offers a better range of movement when lifting.

  • Who Should Deadlift?

Dumbbell deadlifts are an excellent exercise for those looking to start weightlifting and don't want to go straight into the more robust barbell lift or even just for full body training days. The core movements that make up a deadlift are not very different from our everyday activities.

Think to pick up the laundry, grabbing something from the bottom drawer or shelf, or even moving furniture around, all those are deadlift exercises. Deadlifting strengthens nearly every muscle group, from your core, back, legs, and arms.

  • All about the Glutes

The glutes are a group of muscles in the buttocks and are the main power generators during the deadlift. When you push your torso into an upright position, your hips thrust forward to assist your upper body in getting weights off the ground.

Similarly, when you bend your torso forward to lower the weight down again, your glutes and core work kick in to maintain alignment and work together to ensure the load is returned at the right speed and force.

  • Core Stability

Dumbbell Deadlifting works all the core muscles neglected by machine training at the gym. More specifically, expect to bring into play your hips and abs along with your spinal and butt muscles. The core, in collaboration with other muscles in your body, maintains alignment and movement control.

In addition to movement, the diaphragm and muscles in your ribs assist in regulating your breathing as you lift. With a strong and better-stabilized core, you increase your capacity to lift heavier objects off the floor. A great tip is to use one dumbbell in place of two to achieve even faster results. 

  • Finding the Balance

Alternated dumbbell deadlifts work each side of your core, legs, and glutes. It can give you great insights into the physical state of each side of your body, as well as improving overall balance and body awareness.

Single leg deadlifts require that you put a dumbbell on the ground in front of your feet, and extend your left leg as you bend your torso forward and reach for the weight with your right hand. As you perform this action, avoid rotating your body excessively.

Bend your leg slightly without bending your spine. Once you properly grip the weight, push your left hip forward to help bring your torso upright. When you stand back up, your right foot should be next to your left foot, but most of the weight should now have shifted to the left.

Final Thoughts

Dumbbell deadlifts may not give you the same power or gains its bigger brother the barbell will, but they can be very helpful. For beginners, people recovering from injury, and anyone looking for a great workout, dumbbell deadlifts are well worth it.

Benefits of Dumbbell Deadlifts