Actually Save You Money
May 23, 2022

Being Healthy Can Actually Save You Money

We all know that good health is key to living a rich and beautiful life. So much of what we get to do in the world – from the experiences we have to wonderful times shared with friends or family – is dependent on us being able to fully participate. Sadly, we often don't realize exactly how important our health is until we suffer a setback in life or have a chronic condition that we have to deal with.

Not only can a chronic condition lead to less time with family and friends doing the things we love, it can also lead to long-term financial problems that are brought on by hospital and medication bills. The truth is that being healthy can actually save you a substantial amount of money each month, despite the rising costs of healthy food and gym memberships.

Save Money on Insurance Premiums

When you commit to living a healthy lifestyle and take proactive steps to take care of your body, mind and spirit, you'll find that you'll save money on your insurance premiums. First of all, if you are taking care of your wellbeing, you'll have a wider choice of plans that can offer the coverage you need. Choosing among these alternatives will help you reduce your monthly premium.

Great health will also make a difference when you apply for life insurance and other specialized policies that are health-rated. Avoiding factors like smoking, lowering alcohol intake, and watching your weight makes you a better candidate for underwriting. Your commitment to wellbeing can be the difference between being approved or rejected on a policy application.

Generate Cash with a Life Insurance Settlement

If you have whole life insurance coverage, your monthly premium funds two distinct parts of the policy. A portion of your money goes toward the death benefit and the other part funds the cash value that increases over time. If you look at selling your whole life policy you can generate cash that is between the policy surrender value and the death benefit.

Once your policy settlement takes place and it changes hands, the new buyer continues to pay the premiums and then receives the death benefit when you pass on. It's also worth noting that term life policies may also be sold, especially if the holder's life expectancy is thought to be short.

Reduce Your Medical and Related Out of Pocket Expenses

During the course of a year payments for doctor's visits, lab and specialty tests and deductibles and copayments can really add up. If you have a chronic illness, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of money you have to spend each month to try and reclaim your health.

Typically, insurance won't cover all of your costs, so you may soon see medical expenses rising far too quickly. In addition, when you face an acute injury or chronic illness, you'll probably have to spend far more money on preventative care. Over the counter herbs and alternative medicines can work well, but almost all of what you spend is considered an out-of-pocket expense. By the same token, services such as acupuncture and ongoing chiropractic care may not be covered and you'll have to pay those directly if you are sick too.