Aids to Lose Weight
April 30, 2019

Aids to Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight, one should be very dedicated to the practice of workout and control in the intake of food (proper diet). Losing weight has its benefits at the same time if not monitored the process there are respective side effects too.

During the weight loss process, one should be careful on understanding the body and give the necessary supplements what it needs. There are many products in the market which aid to the weight loss or weight gain program among them animal cuts helps in losing the weight and animal pak helps in building the muscle.    

Animal Cuts

The animal cut is a weight burner which is endorsed to aid in cutting down the extra pounds and is more directed towards the men. A company from New Brunswick developed this product claiming the benefits such as

Enhancing the strength and patience to perform in the gym

Helps in brain chemistry

Reduces body fats and weight within a few days

Helps in producing professional results for bodybuilders

Improved level of insulin

Helps in the regulation of thyroid hormones

Enhancement of lipolysis

Boosts the energy levels, while reducing the appetite

Animal pak

Animal pak is a nutrient /multivitamin supplement. According to its developers, it helps in building the muscle and increases the energy level while providing the necessary nutrients to the body.

These product ingredients are very much similar to the other products of the same category with added things like amino acid complex, performance complex, antioxidant complex and digestive enzyme complex. It is catered towards the athletes and bodybuilders claiming the benefits such as

To build muscle


Increase strength

Increase in energy


Amimal cuts

Animal pak

Caffeine anhydrous

Vitamin A



Kota nut

Vitamin C

Raspberry ketones



Grape seed extract

Green tea extract

Vitamin D

Coleus forskohlii

Amino acids



Dandelion root


coffee bean


Uva ursi leaf



How to intake

As claimed by the manufacturer animal cuts, need to take two packets per day for a period of three weeks for maximum results.

Along with the supplement, meal intake should be proper. After three week take a week off and start the process again, during these periods take complex stimulant capsules and water shedding complex capsule.

Animal pak, when it comes to nutria supplements the trick is to take the supplements at the right time in the right dosage as instructed by the manufacturer.

To ensure best results one pack should be taken before the workout, like 30 minutes after the meal which is closest to the workout time should give the desired results.

People under the age of 18 should consult the doctor before using, avoid during pregnancy and nursing and stick to the dosage and do not exceed.