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A Guide to Select the Right Type of Rubber Gym Flooring

Whether you’re remodelling your gym or opening a new facility, flooring is one of the most important considerations. The right type of gym flooring is essential to ensure a safe workout environment.

Also, it has to be strong and resilient to pounds of weight exerted by your workout equipment.

Rubber is a popular choice of flooring for gyms and fitness centers. It is not only durable but also resistant to noise, impact, and slips. There are different types of rubber floors. You can choose the right option depending on your needs. The options include:

Rubber Flooring Rolls

If you’re looking for a premier flooring option, choose rubber flooring rolls. With their sleek looks, durability, and resilience, they are a staple for modern gyms.

Rubber flooring rolls carry a seamless appearance that creates an aesthetic visual environment inside the gym.  They are available in a variety of thicknesses to suit every requirement.

You can choose high-impact rubber rolls to keep the joints safe and minimize injuries during heavy-duty workouts. They are easy to clean as you can use a damp mop or a vacuum cleaner.

You needn’t worry about bugs and bacteria in your floor as rubber is also anti-microbial and water-resistant.

However, rubber can be pretty bulky due to which you need to enlist someone’s help for installation.

Rubber Floor Tiles

Many commercial gyms use rubber floor tiles for their facility. They are extremely durable and affordable. Rubber tiles come with a secure interlocking installation that’s easy to manage. Each tile has interlocking edges that fit each other and cover the layout of your gym.

Like rubber rolls, tiles also come with different thickness options. You should choose the right type of thickness, depending on the type of equipment used in your gym.

Tiles with a thickness of ½ an inch are perfect for sustaining the impact of your heaviest equipment on gym flooring. It does not require any adhesive, and even if one tile gets damaged, you can easily remove and replace it.

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber gym floor mats are an excellent option for small spaces and weightlifting areas of your gym. You don't need to install super thick rubber mats over the entire gym flooring.

Choose this material for areas that require durable flooring. For example, it works perfectly underneath the cardio equipment that requires extra cushioning on the floor.

Rubber floor mats are available in different sizes to suit your gym’s specific needs. The thickness also varies to sustain the impact of heavy exercises. Due to high resilience and density, they protect joints of athletes and also, your subfloor from any severe damage.

Rubber mats are easy to move anywhere you want them in your gym. However, they come at a higher price that makes them an expensive and inappropriate option for large spaces.

These are the main types of rubber gym flooring options for commercial facilities. You can also choose gym turf rolls for strength training and conditioning, where athletes need extra safety and resilience on the floor.