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7 of the Best Nike Running Shoes to Buy and Wear in 2019

If you like running, you should have the right equipment. Check out this list of some of the best Nike running shoes to buy and wear.

Who says you can't get your sweat on in style? If you go for frequent jogs or runs, then you're going to need a stylish yet effective pair of Nike running shoes. Nike has some of the most stylish designs incorporated into unique functionality. 

That's what makes the brand so great! People love wearing their Nike shoes while out on a run or while shopping out on the town. They're versatile and there's a design to suit everyone's preferences. So, if you're on the lookout for a new pair of running shoes, look no further. 

Here's our list of some of the best Nike running shoes you can purchase!

1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36

The Pegasus is the oldest running shoe series to date, and there are some good reasons why. The Pegasus is designed to be half made out of air, which is how it got its name after the winged horse. And it's Nike's all-time best selling running shoe!

The shoe is cushioned and responds to your movement. Because of this, it's a great choice for all types of runners. The upper has a sleeve on it and the interior of the shoe is quite comfortable. 

You also won't have to worry about your sneaker falling apart on you as this shoe has a durable outsole. Prepare to walk on air with this running shoe as the midsole contains a Zoom airbag underneath the EVA foam. For durability and the ease of running on air, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 is a perfect choice!

2. Nike Zoom Rival Fly

If you are or once wore an owner of a pair of Nike Zoom Elite 10s, then you know just how great of a shoe they were. You're probably also aware of the fact that Nike has removed the shoe from their website and it's becoming harder and harder to find. Don't panic.

You can now replace your worn and torn Nike Elite sneakers with the Nike Zoom Rival Fly! This sneaker offers its runners complete protection from the road and ground beneath them with full insulation. Once you run in this sneaker, you'll see just how comparable it is to the Nike Elite. 

There's a Zoom airbag inside the forefoot making it both comfortable and light!

3. Nike Zoom Wildhorse 5

The Nike Zoom Wildhorse 5 contains a Zoom airbag in the heel and a rock plate as well. It's reasonably cushioned for comfort and the semi-closed upper helps keep out dirt and other debris. The 5 comes without Flywire cinching the forefoot. 

It's a great choice for those who run in more dry conditions. Trails that contain dry dirt won't stand a chance against you and your Nike Zoom Wildhorse 5s!

4. Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit

For racers looking to improve on their race time, let us introduce you to the Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknit. The midsole is spring-loaded, making for an easy takeoff. And the shoe contains a high amount of ZoomX foam to keep your feet comfortable throughout your entire run or race. 

With all this added ZoomX foam, there's a huge decrease in the amount of fatigue that runners experience after their run. It also contains a carbon fiber plate under the heel, which acts as a lever to give runners the same type of run experienced with the Nike Zoom Fly and Vaporfly. 

For shorter race times and less fatigue, invest in a new pair of Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknits!

5. Nike Epic React Flyknit V2

Identical to the V1, the Nike Epic React Flyknit V2 has the same outsole and midsole as its previous version. Because of this, the ride of your run will be quite similar to when you ran in your V1s. It's the perfect choice for those long morning or evening runs as it comes equipped with deep cushioning that's responsive to your every move.

However, don't mistake the V2 for its earlier version. The V2 comes with an all-new designed heel clip, giving you much more rear-foot stability. The upper, in this running shoe, is formfitting and the inside is nice and smooth. 

For long-distance runs or jogs, the Nike Epic React Flyknit V2 is your go-to sneaker!

6. Nike Air Zoom Structure 22

If you're looking for both control and stability, then the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 is the sneaker you need. It offers its runners support and a firm midsole. The Zoom airbag inside also allows for a responsive run.

The upper has some new features including a longer tongue and Flywire cord-based lacing. For those in need of support, while they run, the Nike Air Zoom Structure 22 has everything you're looking for!

7. Nike Air Max 90 

The Nike Air Max 90 was first released in 1990, so we can imagine that this sneaker must provide optimal benefits to its runners. It's considered the second flagship sneaker of the Air Max series. These Nike shoes keep the same classic design lines and inside cushioning that made it so popular in the 90s. 

There's a visible air window where the airbag rests in the shoe. It contains a leather, synthetic or textile upper for optimal durability and comfort. The sole is made of foam from Max Air cushioning. 

Choosing Your Nike Running Shoes

Choosing the best Nike running shoes becomes harder and harder each year due to all of the new options available. We hope this list has helped you make your final decision! 

For more fitness topics, be sure to check in with our "Fitness" section regularly.

7 of the Best Nike Running Shoes to Buy and Wear in 2019