6 Tips to Squeeze Exercise in Your Busy Schedule
April 26, 2019

6 Tips to Squeeze Exercise in Your Busy Schedule

6 Tips to Squeeze Exercise in Your Busy Schedule

For busy people like yourself, being fit and keeping a regular schedule for exercise will prove to be a challenge.

Most of you will opt for doing something else than exercising in your free time. Given the free time, I bet some of you would choose sleep and rest over exercise.

I know this would sound as cliché as it could be, but having the time for regular exercise is good for the health. It would not come as a surprise to anyone reading this article that regular exercise is proven to have a lot of benefits for both the mind and the body.

As a matter of fact, according to MedlinePlus, some of the benefits of regular exercise include helping you control your weight and reducing your risks of heart diseases.

It also helps your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels and improve your mental health and mood. Best of all, regular exercise helps reduce your risks of some kinds of cancer, improves your sleep, and increases your chances of living longer!

Given the many benefits that regular exercise can bring, you should start adding it to your daily routine. Also, you should stop making your busy schedule as your excuse not to do it.

How do you squeeze in having time to exercise with your busy schedule? Here are six tips. Take a look.

Take early morning walks.

6 Tips to Squeeze Exercise in Your Busy Schedule

One of the things that you can do to squeeze in exercise to your busy schedule is to take morning walks at the start of your day.

To do this, you might need to put the alarm on earlier than usual. Waking up early in the morning allows you to have the time to take short morning walks around the neighborhood.

As soon as you hear that alarm go off, get up from the bed and start your day. It will put you in the mood and will get you to be active and productive the entire day.

Make your commute to work your daily workout.

On some other days, don't bring your car to work and opt to commute. Because of this, you will have to walk going to your office or walk your way from one station to get to the other.

If you still have enough time left, you may even deliberately choose to go down the train a station earlier so you may have to walk a few minutes more.

Sure you'll find it a bit of a hassle at first but going about this every day will make your daily routine. It is one of the many ways to incorporate regular exercise without you even noticing.

Use your break time to exercise in the office.

And I don't mean bringing your gym equipment with you in the office. When I say use your break time to exercise,

I meant allowing yourself to get up from that cubicle and stretch from time to time. You may also walk your way to the next department and have a short chat with your friends. Or, make a personal phone call so you may have the reason to prance your way to the office corridors.

But, it would be a huge plus if you have a gym in the office. Spend some minutes on a folding treadmill if you can.

Choose to take the stairs.

One of the most obvious tips to incorporate regular exercise in your daily schedule is to take the stairs in going to your floor. Sure, your building has its own elevator and it would save you some time if you take it.

However, taking the stairs will be a form of easy exercise. So, the next time you see that elevator and become tempted to take it, think of the calories that you would burn if you take the stairs instead. That should be enough motivation for you.

Exercise with friends and family.

6 Tips to Squeeze Exercise in Your Busy Schedule

You'll have a reason to feel lazy about exercising if you have to do it by yourself. By contrast, it will be more inspiring and fulfilling to do it with people who have the same goals as you. Exercising together with your friends and family means having each other as your support system in your intention of staying fit and healthy. It can also be a great way to spend time and bond with each other.

Ask your virtual personal assistant to include it in your to-do list.

So you won't forget to incorporate exercise in your busy schedule, it would be best to include it in the list of the things that you would have to do for the day. If you have hired the services of a virtual personal assistant, this would be easy for you to do.

Ask your virtual personal assistant to remind you about your exercise schedule. Now, when by looking at your to-do list for the day, you think it would be impossible for exercise, instruct your virtual personal assistant to make time for it. Tell her it is something you do not want to sacrifice.

To be productive at work while taking some time off, you can delegate some of the tasks to your virtual personal assistant, as well.

Inspired to incorporate exercise in your busy schedule yet?

I hope you are.

Regular exercise helps you to stay fit and healthy. It is also a way to release your stress from work. So, the next time you allow yourself to take regular exercise for granted, have these easy tips in mind. And remember, you're never too busy to incorporate regular exercise in your routine. Start making time for it.

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6 Tips to Squeeze Exercise in Your Busy Schedule