Orthotic Inserts
October 20, 2022

5 Reasons To Choose Custom Orthotic Inserts

When most people think of orthotics, images of prefabricated insoles from drug stores often spring to mind. While they fall into the category of orthotics, they're very basic and hardly beneficial for most people. Orthotic inserts in general are a fantastic way to treat and address common foot problems and they come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs.

Surgeons, medical clinics, and podiatrists can all help patients by prescribing custom orthotic inserts that address the unique needs of a person's feet. From supporting injured body parts to helping alleviate pain from standing and walking, orthotics are credited with a number of benefits.

Though orthotics are often referred to as inserts for shoes, the term is also used to loosely describe braces and supports specifically for ankles, back, neck, hips, wrists, and hands. How are orthotics helpful?

1. Pain Management

Most people experience pain due to serious past injuries, arthritic joints or surgery. Diabetic shoes are made specifically to relieve the pain that diabetics may suffer. Though pain management regimens often consist of pain reliever medications, orthotics can work just as well, if not better in many instances.

Custom made orthotics are often overlooked as a natural way to enhance pain relief. From providing adequate support for feet to helping take a load off of arthritic joints, orthotics are an integral part of managing common ailments.

For the most part, orthotics can help treat problems such as flat feet, high arches, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, and calluses. With the possibility of eliminating the pain you're in, custom orthotics can help improve the quality of your life!

If left untreated, the presence of fungus on toes can result in discomfort and potential complications, highlighting the importance of addressing fungal nail infections effectively.

2. Orthotics Are Portable

The aesthetics of a pain management product should always get taken into consideration when thinking about how they look. Ideally, most custom orthotic inserts are invisible and completely covered by your footwear, therefore, no one knows that you're wearing them.

Though wearing a brace can call attention to a significant problem you may experience, orthotic inserts are easily removable. That means you have complete control over how long and when you use them.

3. Protect Against Injuries

From protecting against sprains and fractures to preventing injuries, orthotics are the next step in ensuring patient safety. Inserts for shoes are able to create a safe and flat surface that cradles the curves of your feet and protects your body against overuse and strains.

4. Get More Active!

Orthotics not only help you increase your confidence, but wherever they're worn on the body, they can help you become more active. The activities you shunned because you were no longer able to do are once again made possible thanks to these devices.

Exercise is a great way to ensure the health of your mind and body, but an injury or minor ailment will prevent you from staying active. Most importantly, if you have a natural foot deformity, it can further hinder your ability to perform menial tasks. Custom orthotics work for your specific needs and completely eliminate the possibility of further injury or discomfort.

5. Perfect Fit

Custom orthotics will always take into consideration a number of factors that are directly impacted by your lifestyle. From the type of shoes you wear to your health conditions and goals, your entire musculoskeletal system is assessed.

Custom orthotics are made especially and only for your needs. These shoe inserts are custom made to address the complex nature of your foot problems while offering something more than prefabricated versions.