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5 Best Ways to Use Green Tea for Weight Loss

History Of The Green Tea

All of us know or have even probably heard about green tea, the benefits of green tea, and how now it has become a trend to have green tea, and if you do not post it as your social media story about early mornings, a quote or a good morning message accompanied by a cup of green tea to detoxify your soul and heart, are you really having best green tea?

It is a new fad, so everyone has their cent to add onto, but do you really even know the history behind green tea, how it was discovered and so on? Before I start on to explain the different ways to use green tea for weight loss, let me give you a few additional insights on how good and why green tea is actually good for your overall health. Green tea is made from the leaves of the plant called Camellia sinensis which is full of antioxidants and amino acids.

Legend says that the discovery of the green tea was quite purely by accident, it was a Chinese Emperor by the name Shennong who consumed the warm water which was laid out in his room which had by mistake, of course, a tea leaf that been boiled along with the water. He found the water, flavor and taste to be amazingly rejuvenating and energizing, and voila!

Green tea was found. But, it was not until the later fourteenth century that green tea was available to everyone because then, it was a drink that was meant only for the royals and the rich. But it was during the nineteenth century that the tea was shipped to America and because it looked more like bullets than tea, it was popularly known as the “bullet tea.”

The whole concept of tea became so popular in America, that it spread faster than a wildfire and soon, the Tea Tax was imposed which resulted in the iconic event called the “Boston Tea Party” taking place where green tea worth almost forty five tones or more was dumped or rather thrown into the harbor.

Coming back to our topic in hand, what are the five best ways to use green tea for weight loss?

  • Always have green tea in the morning

Green tea contains caffeine which does not make you feel sleepy, and in fact makes you feel energized and ready to take on the day. It makes you feel much lighter as well, without settling down as heavy as the coffee would feel.

It also provides you with the endless source of energy for hours without making you feel the after effects of a caffeine rush. But for weight loss?

The right time would be approximately an hour or two before you work out and remember that the more you boil your green tea leaves (ensure that you do not over boil), the more bitter it is going to be but it also increases the fat oxidizing rate in your body.

  • Remember to drink your cup of green tea on an empty stomach

Consuming green tea along with food or on a full stomach could reduce the effect of the green tea and would have no difference in losing your weight.

Though, a lot of research suggests that drinking green tea an hour before your meal will reduce your hunger. It is also advised that people who suffer from liver problems should not consume green tea on an empty stomach, the same goes for people who ail with various stomach problems.

Consult your doctor if you do suffer from the problems mentioned above and ask them what will be the best option for you. For such people, drinking a cup of green tea after or along with your meal is the best option.

  • Green tea enhances and improves your metabolism

Green tea boosts your metabolic rate and helps in increasing the rate of digestion. It is often suggested to be on the safer side, people can drink green tea right after you finish consuming your meals as it quickens the production of gastric juices in the stomach.

And also, without doubt, consuming green tea before you sleep is not advised as it will keep you awake and disrupt your sleep cycle or sleep pattern.

  • For all those who do not know this tidbit, there are actually green teas that promote weight loss

Do your research and choose the one that suits you. While the Macha green tea is well known for promoting weight loss, it will always be better for you to choose a variety of green tea that will suit your tastes and needs.

There is a wide array of choices to choose from, so do not limit yourself with just one choice and see which actually works for you, and which comes under your price range.

  • Many do not know this, but there is a method for boiling green tea, and over consuming green tea does not increase your weight loss by x number of times you drink tea

Green tea or tea in general has something called the Catechins which in short are basically the healthy ingredients that actually benefit you, and when you tend to over boil your tea, you also tend to destroy those catechins which makes your cup of green tea completely useless unless you drink it for its taste. The best way that is suggested by experts is to boil your green tea leaves in water for about ten minutes and let it rest for a bit.

Then, slowly add water over your green tea and again, let it rest. Pour your concoction into cup and drink it. This brings us to how much of tea can you consume to promote or increase the rate of weight loss.

Honestly, drinking as little as three cups of green tea is good enough and you do not need to drink bottles of green tea for weight loss. Even if you do not see a difference in weight, drinking green tea improves your overall health and helps you remain healthy. 

5 Best Ways to Use Green Tea for Weight Loss