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5 Awesome Workouts to Get in Shape at Home

5 Awesome Workouts to Get in Shape at Home

It's time to get fit for summer. Did you know you could start working out without a gym membership? Use these workouts to get in shape at home.

Getting stuck at home should not bring your life to a halt. You should spend about 150 hours exercising each week to tone your summer bod.

Without variety, your home workouts can feel tedious. Switch up your workouts to get in shape and keep it exciting!

Read on to learn fun work out regiments!

5 Amazing Home Workouts to Get in Shape

Spice up your workout routine! Though working out at home may seem to limit your options, it actually offers you the opportunity to expand your view on fitness!

1. Axe Throwing

Think outside of the box and choose a cutting edge exercise! How about creating an axe throwing target yourself?

Axe throwing requires precision and strength. This sport builds up your shoulders, back, and core muscles. Using a proper stance also works out your calves and hams.

Set up your target in a safe area where no people or animals will wander in. For an ultimate challenge, practice throwing with your non-dominant hand as well!

2. Jumping Rope

Get fit at home with a jump rope! This exercise burns about 15-20 calories each minute, offering you the potential to burn up to 600 calories in an hour.

Once you get a basic rhythm, you can add in tricks. Try switch kicks, mummy kicks, boxer steps, crisscrossing, twists, single-foot jumps, and reversing the rope to jump backward.

3. Weighted Ball Exercises

Use a weighted ball to amp up your exercise routine. Choose a light ball (6-10lbs) if you want to lean out and a heavier ball (15-60lbs) to bulk. You can focus on any muscle group depending on how you use the ball.

To work yourself top to bottom:

  • Throw the ball high in the air and catch it
  • Throw it at targets against a concrete wall
  • Play catch with a friend
  • Raise the ball above your head and bend at the elbows so the ball touches the back of your head, and repeat
  • Start with the ball at your center core and do slow twists back and forth
  • Hulk smash the ball and then bend to pick it up and repeat
  • Lay on your belly and lift your legs, bending at the knee with your feet holding the ball
  • Squat while holding the ball at your center core
  • Do crunches while holding the ball up with your arms extended

Get innovative and find new ways to incorporate the ball into your routine.

4. Modified Planks

Planks offer a full-body workout and require nothing but your body weight! Once you get yourself into a proper plank position, modify the exercise for an ultimate core workout. Reach with your arms and legs and incorporate movements for balance and strength.

5. Yoga

Practicing yoga means controlling your breathing and movements. Beyond this, it can range from gentle stretches to intense vinyasa flow.

First, learn some basics, like downward dog, child's pose, tree pose, etc. Once you know each pose, let your body guide your yoga practice to get what you need from it.

Love Your Home Workout

Don't let your routine bore you. Add in these awesome workouts to get in shape.

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