5 Amazing Ways to Stay in Shape While on Vacation
September 15, 2022

5 Amazing Ways to Stay in Shape While on Vacation

When you’re going on vacation, especially in those countries where food and dishes are so tasty you simply can’t avoid getting another plate, gaining weight is super easy. While there, you’re off the regular way of life, and unless you want to create an unsolvable problem, you should try and stay in shape.

Although your regular gym is not there to help you, and your morning routine is impossible to meet, you must find a way to solve the problem differently. While on vacation by the ocean, you have multiple other ways to lose some calories and stay in shape.

In this article, we share a couple of tips and tricks on how to do it and maybe not even notice that you’re working out. These ideas are different from what you’re used to at home but will do the trick. Follow up and see what you can do to burn calories and stay in shape.

1. Dive and explore the ocean

Diving is an excellent idea to stay in shape. Get the proper diving equipment, and spend some time underwater exploring the wild sea life. Get some Ocean & Earth goggles, fins, and diving suits, and enjoy the fantastic sights and the underworld that opens up in front of you, while at the same time your body burns calories like crazy.

The estimates are that you’re burning around 600 calories per hour, which is an enormous number. Your body battles the cold water and burns calories to keep you warm, while at the same time, you’re moving nearly every muscle on your body, resulting in excessive calorie burn.

2. Running on the beach

Running on the track or on a treadmill is entirely different than running on the beach. The small sand makes an entirely different challenge. It is way more challenging to do it on the beach than on any other surface. Your feet sink in the sand, and the efforts you need to make to keep running burn tremendous amounts of energy.

Running on the beach may burn around 750-800 calories per hour. Of course, it all depends on your weight, size, and speed, but this is a general number that you can rely on. Get up early in the morning and have a run by the water. Enjoy the beautiful weather and the sounds of the ocean while at the same time burning enormous amounts of calories.

3. Swimming

Swimming in the sea is another way to burn a lot of calories. Tourists traveling to Bosphorus are always researching the best beach towns in turkey so they can fully utilize the sea for aquatic exercises. Dedicate an hour to swimming, enjoying fresh sea waters, and having fun in the water. You don’t have to be Thorp for an hour, but it’s enough to swim from one place to another, as this is enough to keep you in shape.

The 400 calories burned on average by swimming early in the morning will be enough to handle the breakfast you’ll consume later. Combined with everything else you may be doing during the day, this may be enough to get the job done and help you stay in shape.

4. Lifting weights in the open

Lifting weights in a perfectly air-conditioned gym and out in the open is an entirely different thing. The weights at the gym and all the machines available make it the most comfortable possible for you, but adjusted gyms in the open are completely different.

A gym session burns around 260 calories per hour, but working out in the open, under the hot weather, and with machines and weights that you’re not accustomed to is entirely different, and you’ll surely be burning more than 300 per hour.

5. Playing sports on the beach

Beach volleyball is one of the most challenging sports on the planet. The same goes for beach football, tennis, and every other sport practiced on the sand. These sports will burn at least 500 calories per hour, with some going up to 1000.

In other words, get a few friends with you and have some fun. Pick a sport you all love and find the right spot on the beach. Most tourist places will have beach volleyball courts; for the others, you don’t need any special equipment. Get the tennis rackets or the football, and start playing.


These few ideas are excellent for everyone who wants to keep their perfect shape while vacationing. Many who are not so much into trying tasty foods will even get in better shape because back at home, rarely does anyone have the chance to swim and dive in the ocean.

Living by the beach is an excellent idea for exercising. The sand makes everything tougher, thus burning more calories. This is why most people living by the ocean are slim; they burn tons of calories by just getting home.

5 Amazing Ways to Stay in Shape While on Vacation